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Apr 21, 2008

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New approach to asthma?

A new and to my mind very promising asthma method has been developed by Dr. Philibert of Louisiana, see .com/watch?v=e9_mT 4N5m8I as from 44,09 in the timeline.  (Dec 8, 2012 | post #2)


Any Natural Solutions for ASTHMA?

Asthma treatment: Time for a fresh start without pharmaceuticals. The success of inspiratory muscle training gadgets such as Powerbreathe and many other devices from other non-related manufacturers can no longer be ignored. “Weak-chested” has an important literal meaning and is not just a figure of speech. The ongoing failure of pharmaceutical treatment with unloading and hence detraining (use it or lose it) of the breathing muscles and the success of of inspiratory muscle training mutually confirm each other. Training the inspiratory breathing muscles to a suction level of say 50 cms water, makes good sense, when it is a question of overcoming cramped bronchial muscles The strictly pharmaceutical treatment around since the middle of the last century has been accompanied by paradoxically increasing asthma rates as nobody can deny. ( Asthma and the Indoor Environment - Current Issues and Potential Strategies, by Dr Gillian Durham Chief Executive Public Health Commission.) The advantage of such choke devices over just breathing energetically is that an asthma attack is avoided and that because of their calibration a given suction can be targeted. However there is the disadvantage that the suction level cannot be varied during the course of an inhale. My experience of asthmatic breathing is that frantic efforts to overcome the shortening of the breath and the lack of oxygen lead to sudden pressure peaks. One approach might therefore to damp respiratory efforts by a choke in view of the success of the inspiratory muscle training gadgets and indeed the placement of a piece of soft but elastic foil between the lips instead of the mouthpiece of a gadget has a anti-asthma effect. During at the start of each inhale the foil is squeezed progressively somewhat so the inhale is soothed and does not start in a staccato fashion. Then the inhale may be continued in a satisfying relaxed manner. This is an advantage over standard inspiratory muscle training devices, although they do have the advantage of calibration. The element may be a piece of PE blister foil flattened out to a convenient degree measuring 6 times 2 cms. It is rolled up as a plug and placed the mouth instead of the mouthpiece of a conventional gadget. The foil should be pressed and squeezed to a degree such that when held in the mouth in a relaxed state breathing is more or less free. But when squeezed breathing is pulled down into the belly like with one of the known gadgets. Contact me for further details if needed. When relaxed again there is definite effect of freer breathing. Richard Friedel, Starnberg Germany  (Dec 19, 2011 | post #6)