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Dec 15, 2008

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ACCEL Protection & Technologies Receives IQ Certification

After an extensive and demanding approval process, ACCEL Protection & Technologies has achieved IQ Certification, further proving its commitment to installing quality security alarm systems. The IQ Certification Program provides consumers with a way to identify security alarm companies that are proactively addressing quality system installations. To achieve such lofty status in the security alarm industry, companies interested in becoming IQ Certified must abide by a comprehensive series of procedures and policies — established by an independent third party — that set them above other security alarm companies in their community. These policies govern: the certification process; how they conduct business after becoming certified; and how consumers can use the IQ process to ensure quality installations. For consumers looking to hire a security alarm provider, selecting an IQ Certified Dealer, such as ACCEL Protection & Technologies to install, service and monitor their security alarm system is the smart choice because they receive certification of the company's effort toward quality control and assurance. With its acceptance into the voluntary compliance program, ACCEL Protection & Technologies promises to adhere to the following guidelines: • Use installers that have completed a nationally recognized training program; • Agree to observe a rigorous code of ethics; • Agree to specific quality control and false alarm control measures on each system that they install or monitor; • Explain the quality control guidelines to each customer; and • Complete a Installation Quality Checklist for each system By installing quality security alarm systems, IQ Certified companies are also dedicated to reducing the burden and risks false alarms place on our local, state and national law enforcement agencies. “In this day and age, it is important for home and business owners to fully trust the people they choose to secure their premises, possessions and most importantly, loved ones,” said Dale Eller, executive director of the IQ Certification Program. ACCEL Protection & Technologies’ involvement in the IQ Certification Program exemplifies its commitment to providing its customers with a quality system and the best security possible.”  (Dec 15, 2008 | post #1)