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Aug 11, 2010

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Midway-Hardwick, GA

school board elections

Those in the city are allowed to vote in school board elections. If you were denied please let Chief Registrar Rick Williams and/or Probate Judge Todd Blackwell know. However, could it be that you live in one of the other districts? There were only 2 of the 5 district positions running this year.May want to check to see which you reside in. You can go to the BOE website to find your district.  (Nov 5, 2010 | post #2)

Gordon, GA

Scott state prison to close in Baldwin County

When I was a State Probation Officer, we had several state prison guards on misdemeanor probation (mostly traffic, DUI, theft by taking, shoplifting). The turnover rate is high. If you have a GED you can become a guard. Some are so fat and out of shape I wonder how they got through Mandate School. I worked with a local law enforcement agency for 5 yrs before going in probation. We had to investigate, arrest and prosecute several prison guards with providing contraband(drugs, money, alcohol, food,etc) to inmates for a fee. They also worked with family members who would bring it during visitation and place it outside by the fence in a designated location where the guard would retrieve after visitation. In most of the prisons I dealt with the inmates had more control of the guards than vice versa. Prison is easy compared to 40-50 yrs ago. No respect for authority, better living conditions, more rights than our citizenry, good medical/dental care, education opportunities to include college classes(see below) and use of the telephone virtually every day. The Womens State Prison was once in Milledgeville Ga before they moved it to Davisboro and Atlanta as a result of 20+ indictments of prison personnel for sexual abuse of the female inmates. There were actually 3 women inmates with on minimum security who were transported DAILY(M-F) to Mercer University in Macon (30 miles away) so they could attend and obtain their 4 year degree. They actually graduated from Mercer at the expense of the taxpayers of Ga. Once this became public the practice was stopped. Now the colleges come to the prisons and conduct the classes and the tax payers foot the bill. I believe in giving them a chance to rehab but they should have to repay the expenses for their education past a GED or on-site vocational classes(taught by prison personnel). I've heard some horror about Texas prisons also but don't know any hard cold facts.  (Oct 28, 2010 | post #7)

Midway-Hardwick, GA

Immigrants in Warner Robins Unite and Speak Out

Wilmer Maldonado, was gassed out of his home and arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement without any prior notice that he was wanted for deportation. Without prior notice? Really? I don't know how things are done in other countries, but here in the good old USA, law enforcement generally don't give advance notice when they're coming to arrest someone. Sounds as if he was found to be illegal and given a specific date to be gone back to (Mexico?) or face "forced deportation". Why else would you expect notice. What I can't understand about our government (and id didn't just start in Big Ears administration)is why, when they have an illegal in custody, whether he/she has or hasn't committed a crime, do they let them go with instructions to return to court for a deportation hearing. Why not just hold them until the hearing is held and deport immediately if found to be illegal in the eyes of the judge? No, our bureaucracy lets them go and trust them to appear as directed(even my 5 yrs old grandchild could figure that out). IMO, we need an "Arizona Immigration Law" passed in Georgia. Now here's one problem we will face. Can we get the dead-beat American, who don't have a job, to perform the jobs the illegals are performing? In my 39 yrs of public service, I have dealt with many of the poor, uneducated, lazy, unmotivated and unproductive imbeciles who only want a paycheck, not a job. Until our socialist government(again, this started way back in the 1940's, not during Big Ears administration)to quit rewarding laziness with welfare, food stamps, free school lunches, free health care(Peach Care, Medicaid), then they have no real motive to work for a reasonable wage. If you paid them $25/hrs, they'd still complain about something and go back into their lazy,thuggish, criminal environment they love so much. To the Maldonado family: I wish you well on your journey back to Honduras. I admired your manners in thanking the American people for the last 10 yrs you have been here. I suspect you're not the normal illegal who thrives on our govt and preys on the people, both mine and yours. I hope you make application and can gain "legal access" back to our country. I pray for your success if this remains your goal. God will always be near. Just call on him for comfort and strength. Please, come back soon. Peace.  (Oct 20, 2010 | post #5)

Milledgeville, GA

20.MAY.10 F. Griffin Seeks Senate Seat

Griffin nor Howell will not be able to save any state jobs if the state decides to eliminate them. Atlanta doesn't answer to local Senators or Representatives. Each state agency operates independently and makes the decisions they feel is necessary to fulfill their mission. Although Griffin has been in Atlanta before, he doesn't have the clout he claims to have. See how many of his so called friends supported him in his "head-swollen " run for Lt Gov. He's blowing smoke up your butt and you fall for it. I've seen your post on several blogs, including`the Baldwin newspaper. All you ever do is complain and find fault. Perhaps you need to offer yourself for office if you believe it is an easy job. I really don't believe you have the "gonads" to try it. Like many in la-la land, all you can do is wine. As for Howell, who the heck knows this idiot besides the AA's in the click? November is just around the corner. Would you like some cheese with your crow and wine?  (Aug 11, 2010 | post #2)