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Mar 21, 2008

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The Mexican invasion of the United States.

My Parents bought a nice house between the two towns they were born and raised in, in Texas. Mexicans, not "mexican Americans" bought the property next door, threw up an unfinished cinderblock house, and moved in two trailer houses, two broken down cars, piles of used pallets, and waste, turned loose 3 dogs, 1 cat, and you are lucky to get to sleep by twelve at night on weekends. Don't really know how many actually live there, but if you go by cars blocking the street, at least 10, unless some can drive 3 at a time. They aren't all legal, septic system laws don't allow for that many homes per acre, and nobody with the local county code enforcement could care less. Dealing with someone who doesn't, or pretends to not speak English is too much trouble for them. However, my father WAS charged quite a permitting fee when he built a garage, and the county wasted no time getting it into his tax appraisal. They now pay 1800.00 per year in taxes alone, just for the privelege of owning their own home, but I don't expect the neighbors property to enhance theirs at all.  (Apr 13, 2008 | post #890)


Registered Sex Offender In Texas Runs For Mayor

Being from Texas, I can give you a very simple explanation of how a lowlife like that could run for office. Texas has become like Baxter County Arkansas, and places in Missouri. We have allowed Northerners to move in here, slide into our politics, make laws and penalties protecting the "rights" of those kind of people (Bush was GOVERNOR of Texas, and he isn't from here!). Texas in my Grandfathers,and my Fathers time, and to some extent, my time,was a place where the local sheriff had little to do. Nobody stuck their nose into what was acceptable in someone elses' community except their own. I grew up with 22 aunts and uncles, and I can assure you that if someone had attempted what he did,(that they caught him on his first attempt is anybodys guess) the police,sheriff, whatever would probably not been call in. It would have been handled within the family, and no one including the law would have thought it to be anything but his misfortune for whatever transpired. No one would have considered it vigilante or anything other than parental or family rights. Could be why we were never plagued with the high crime rates of this sort that other states have had to deal with for years. The law in these cases has been made ineffective to the point that they are even more useless than they ever were.(However there are parts of Texas where someone with his inclinations in police custody would occaisionally just disappear, with none of the citizens of the area too concerned about his disappearance.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #233)


Registered Sex Offender In Texas Runs For Mayor

Does this mean that we in Texas can send this piece of scum to Indiana to live in YOUR community? Or to Mi. to live in a more understanding and forgiving neighborhood with the all knowing legislators who are making "tailor made" laws to accomidate HIM? What truly needs to happen is to place him in a "legally exempt" status, and turn him over to that girls father and relatives,(unless they aren't from Texas), tatoo a bullseye between his eyes, and let nature take its course!  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #223)

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White trash, rednecks and hillbillies

"Redneck " is a term origially applied to West Virginian coal miners who identified themselves in a battle against mine owners hired thugs, with a red rag tied around their necks;were not afraid to stand up and fight for what they believed in,(lost the battle,won the war)and is a term to be proud of. Now mostly applied to anyone of the same frame of mind, also to be proud of. "White Trash" is generally a term applied to anyone from the south that through circumstances, lack of education, low local wages or availability of work they are qualified for, by residents of the northern states who consider themselves superior in so many ways. Erroneously. Until a person has lived anothers' life, circumstances, or conditions, berating them, labeling them or dissmising them altogether, does nothing more than place themselves under those to whom they feel superior. They will always be more shallow of character, will never achieve the level of personal pride under adverse conditions, or find love of family that those they seek to berate already know. "Hillbilly ", while intended to be a derogatory term by those less informed individuals, should be, and is to many a label of pride. While the rest of the country was failing to seriously make a dent in the English advancement in the Revolutionary war, the Scotch-Irish immigrants that weren't welcome in the northern states, and had been pushed to the hills of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennesee, didn't appreciate the English intrusion into their clannish hillbilly way of life, spanked them severely at Kings Mountain and sent them packing back to New England. So much for it being derogatory to be a "White Trash - Hillbilly -Redneck!  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #2481)

Norfork, AR

Authorities continue to rescue stranded Norfork citizens

It would be nice if the Baxter Bulletin would have provided more "in depth" photo coverage of the flooding, especially around the Reds Landing area. The photos I have seen gave a very poor vision of the magnatude of what has actually transpired. The ammount of water it took to flood the Berezcky house would have to be seen to be fully appreciated, since the valley actually opens up for miles on the other side of the river. These people have friends and relatives living far away, and cell phone service in all of northern arkansas is minimal at best. "A picture is worth a thousand words".  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #1)


Obama denounces preacher, urges race healing

To Will Rogers in Cleveland Ohio:You may be the answer to America's woes...Love Africa? go back, and while on the way, take a couple of hispanics wanting their nationalism with you,drop them off in Spain, (also Africa),and since its' on the way, drop Obama off somewhere in NORTH AFRICA, where he can be with his muslim breathren. I am not a racist, I am an American. Period. Plain and simple, and anyone spouting multi-nationalism and racism isn't proud to be here, and should get out so they can live in harmony with their breathren. Just make sure to load up on guns and ammunition, because what they do to each other there in the spirit of "brotherly " love makes the little bit of crime WE have look like shoplifting at the 5 and dime. It ain't black, it ain't white, its all shades of gray, except when a racist like yourself decides to spout off. Its people like yourself who CREATE racism from others out of self defense.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #320)

Norfork, AR

Has Baxter County ( Mountina Home) become a Police County?

Baxter County a police state? Did it take a cigarette lighter to get your attention? I would have thought that putting the "Brass Lure" out of business by harrassing their patrons to the point of fear of being seen there by the police would have been a start! Or stopping patrons of the restraunt there by placing officers in number on the highway above and below, to stop everyone that would leave there later at night, arresting them for having a glass of wine with their meal so they could contribute to the county coffers.Or that being accused of DWI in Baxter County was the same as being guilty. Or officers getting on your back bumper with their bright lights on to try and force a "probable cause", or their "roadblocks " (defiant of the U.S.Constitution guaranteeing the right to travel freely without harrassment). Or Judges adhering not to the law, but to their personal religious convictions. Or the conviction for DWI of the man on the lawnmower mowing his OWN property with a beer in a drink holder,(Fact)or the D.A. in Berryville trying to charge a man with DUI when his HORSE was struck by a car, off the shoulder of the road, and he had had a beer at a friends residence that MORNING. Or the moronic mayor of Mt. Home, contesting Wal-Mart alcohol sales, Or your wife being stopped coming from bingo for "touching the yellow center stripe", which probably didn't happen, but it's a good way to meet women. Or being stopped and the "probable cause"was "I didn't recognize the vehicle as local". You worked at a bar,(musician)left late at night,(DUH)and were ASSUMED automatically to have been drinking. What possibly could be your first indication that you were in a "Police County"?  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #8)

New Ariz. Law Pressures Migrants to Move

WAY TO GO ARIZONA! I take my hat off to the people of Arizona who backed this move! Don't forget though, that Kansas and Oklahoma (that I know of) were ahead of you in coming to their senses. Unfortunatly, we in Texas have received the brunt of the flood of illegals who fled to avoid arrest and procecution. It is evidenced by reading the "dealership stickers" on vehicles in Baytown Texas, that read like a testament to the states that have criminalized the hiring of illegals and made not just the illegals, but the ones who would employ them candidates for prosecution and jail time! Wish every state legislature had their sense and vision.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #1184)

A message for Mexicans in America

To THE BaYaReA: Interesting comment...I can tell you aren't much into Geography. When are you taking it back to Africa..OOPs, you didn't know that Spain was on the African Continent?  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #3357)


texas sucks bad

Texas ain't NEW YORK CITY. The majority of the state is rural, no taxicabs here paisano! The consumption of alcohol is a legal activity. The ownership and operation of an establishment to sell and allow consumtion of alcohol is also legal. Unfortunatly many states have twisted the law in order to create a lucrative county coffer filling business. Texas has many areas settled by Europeans considering the brewing and consumtion of alcoholic beverages as normal as breathing. If a person harms someone else in ANY way, as a result of irresponsible behavior or malicious intent, they should be procecuted. This is not the case anymore however. At .08, it is by phisiological chance if anyone can drink a single alcoholic beverage and pass a breathalizer test. Therefore anyone who goes to a public drinking establishment, drinks a beer, and decides to be responsible and go home, only has to be stopped without probable cause in a "checkpoint " which is nothing more than an illegal roadblock created to supercede "probable cause" to be a "criminal " Welcome to the new shot at Prohibition. On the governments part, it is a brilliant approach, as they can still collect excessive tax revenues from a legal enterprise through taxing the brewers, then distributors, then public outlets in the form of inventory tax, then sales tax. London Hall, Gruen Hall, Lukenbach, and a thousand other places in Texas along with our dance halls are instituions and part of our heritage we enjoy, and should never be FORCED to give up, because I seriously doubt that the State Government would pay for their upkeep. Only the patrons do that.By choice.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #408)


texas sucks bad

Texas must really suck...Half of New England and one quarter of Mexico now lives in my hometown. Bush moved to Texas and passes himself off as a Texan, but doesn't have a clue what it means, either in word OR deed. About all he knows is he can get really cheap illegal labor for his ranch, that was purchased with profits from Texas oil, ruin local economies, allow illegal immigration to increase our crime, pass laws to keep us from protecting ourselves, and ruin a self sustaining culture that was long and hard in achieving.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #407)


Lack of Hispanic history in TX schools worries some

Lets see..Norwegian contribution..Help ing to settle and develop the upper midwest, Food, farming, shipping, shipbuilding methodology; but more to the point, this isn't Mexico, it's America, and when Texas is specified, it became TEXAS history when Santa Anna was deported from San Jacinto, and the border was established. Pershing invaded Mexico in response to a raid into Texas by Pancho Villa, and other border bandits. As I recall from Texas history in school, Mexicans making a significant contribution to the Texas cause, and those who made contributions in moving Texas FORWARD to being a New Republic, and then into statehood as a part of a whole NEW culture are more than represented. Towns and Counties have been named after them; but they were working with everyone else to make Texas what it is. Not to turn Texas into "Upper Mexico". If I wanted my children to learn to be mexican, I would have taken them to Mexico. My heritage is part German, part Native American, ALL TEXAN. My family helped to settle places like Sheridan, Luling, New Braunfels,etc. or killed each other as the case may be, but they became AMERICANS. None migrated to Mexico and tried to become Mexican. They didn't want to. If Mexicans want to be here, want to stay, do it legally as part of my ancestors had to, and accept that you are HERE, and become Americans. Mexican is NOT a "Second Language" of Texas or America,it is a primary language and culture of ANOTHER country. Like it better? Go there, stay there, enjoy what you prefer.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #84)


Registered Sex Offender In Texas Runs For Mayor

This just goes to show how far Texas has slipped into the mold of "politically correct", trying to be like California and New England. Texas was always the BEST place to live because our towns were pretty much "self policing". Someone like this man would have had to move to California or New England to live where his kind were more tolerated, because they consider themselves more "civilized ". I'll take the OLD Texas where he would have been run out of town, or worse, and the thought of having him run for public office would have been beyond comprehension. For this to happen in the communities surrounding Dallas goes to show how far we have fallen. He should be running, but not for office.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #109)