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Feb 21, 2013


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Kankakee, IL

Stabbing at Whatever Bar

Not surprised whatsoever. Is the current state of affairs in Kankakee unfortunately...  (May 8, 2013 | post #2)

Kankakee, IL

Tim Schmidt for

I was made aware of this forum today. It's never been one I would go to and now I know why. This is where cowardly little men and women go to trash people in secret. Count yourself lucky you don't work for them anymore because life for you my friend would not be one of much fun working with me. The votes will speak for themselves. PS When you've dumped all of your worldly values into a business of your own and pushed with everything you have to make it succeed here in Kankakee then open your mouth. Till then, put a sock in it and keep browsing the classifieds because I'm sure one such as you is still out of work...  (Feb 21, 2013 | post #25)

Kankakee, IL

Tim Schmidt for

I think it's pretty cowardly and childish to go on to some insignificant little internet blog and start trashing Tim in such a way that he can't defend himself. What's your real motivation to state such ignorant lies? It's obvious you have some kind of agenda and it's equally obvious that you are here to just verbally assassinate someone who isn't here to defend themselves. Why not put something up on facebook so the rest of Kankakee can lamb baste your lieing ass. Yeah because you are a little weak coward that's why. You're the slimy little snake element that this town should be worried about. It shows in every word you've typed here. I mean why would any one of you that are part of this two party charade be upset that Tim is running Democrat??? It can only strengthen the Dem. party and remove a person from the Rep. side that wasn't to the majorities liking in the first place. I know Tim personally and know him to be an extremely courageous man who invested every red cent he has in Kankakee River North/The Freight House Pub when no one was investing ANYTHING into Kankakee's economy. He and Karen struggle night and day to make that business a success and for anyone to see that as a BAD thing doesn't know the first thing about doing business in Kankakee. I support TIM SCHMIDT for mayor of Kankakee because I believe in his vision of the future for our town and have faith in his ability to bring to fruition the things that Kankakee business and citizens have so sorely missed. Neither Tim nor his constituents will be bullied by liars with agendas other than bettering Kankakee's future so go find something else to do like play with a shiny toy or something you little piss ant.  (Feb 21, 2013 | post #17)