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Oct 8, 2007

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Please help..Death spell casted on me..

Thanks poppy for the advice of positive thinking already iam seeking help from spiritual texts.. now iam going to make a stone ring as well. Kcuph i'll join with you at the silent sect forum thread that i've started.  (Oct 16, 2007 | post #22)


Please help..Death spell casted on me..

Thanks maybe you're right Kcuph, but she these days is saying sorry and saying that i somehow 'by mistake' casted the spell on you but i still love you. Yes iam trying to neglect the fear but somehow at times iam afraid becuase she's even said bad for my family...i had to go home to check mom and sis and i think she even has bugged them. I told them everything about this incidence and whatever is happening with me currently, and then asked whether the witch is harming them in some way? They're continuosly saying NO but look afraid. It might be because of me or she might be communicating with them? Is that possible for a psychic anyhow...? What more.. she even was with me in the aircraft whole time during my journey from hyd to delhi? Iam trying not to believe in this stuff happening to me but the impressive display of her powers really scares me sometimes.... She's good in channeling too it seems, as dogs will always start barking wherever i go...People will look with disgust at me...i donno whatever she's capable of but till now iam sure that those spells/curses wont work on me because she's unable to prove any powers beyond ESP and channeling.. One more thing its much more than ESP.. she even feels what i my clothes are tight, coffee is hot etc! It can see,hear,feel,thin k everything as i do! She also says she's announcing and broadcasting my thoughts to everyone i know!! Maybe new methods to scare me....Iam really confused ...she seems very proud of her powers please guide more if this matter seems more than just a childplay from her side.. Thanks  (Oct 13, 2007 | post #18)


Please help..Death spell casted on me..

HI thanks all. Evil it is... @ LionSpirit....well what are Lord/lordlady and how to find the pagan high preistess/preists. I sure believe that they can remove it(if it exists)... Also there must be some way to know if you're cursed, right?? can you help further? Thanks.. @poppy ... yes iam trying not to believe that curse has been cast on me.. but death spell do exist? what is your opinion , which is the way that you're most probably a host of it... i think This way... Someone with psychic energies and chanelling power is telling you that i'd cast a death spell on you then you gotta consider the possibility... It might be true, might not be true. Well so far i think its just threatening ..No more. Iam asking her to prove (haha)...but she says -cant, but its true. Believe she shouts... but i believe in knowing @Kcuph-- she isnt here to do the Shiva's punishment trick, that also needs me to open all things at once!!  (Oct 11, 2007 | post #15)


Please help..Death spell casted on me..

thanks lemme try these methods. I Hope these will work.  (Oct 10, 2007 | post #13)


Please help..Death spell casted on me..

This is Nitin only.  (Oct 9, 2007 | post #8)


Please help..Death spell casted on me..

Thankyou very much Kcuph, Kethry, and LionSpirit for your distinguished opinions... thats gives me much info about this stufff.. But there are more points to it which i'd like to clarify.. - She's talking to me almost 24x7... and i think even the people around me have a clue of it(she's announcing things!), the bitch Grrr... knows what im thinking, what i see and hear! Its very hard to believe but thats true.. Its like instant and superfast...Just for you to know she's reading this along as iam writing this text.. Quite powerful okey? - Now, thats why its HARD TO JUST IGNORE the possibility of a curse/spell being effectively casted. In such cases some ppl said just ask her what she wants and she'll leave you... - I know the person; though i'd not directly reveal it until i can take some legal action, you know what.. Its just very hard to prove its existance in current damn laws!! Its been about a month since she started doing it, then she said i just know magic and i love you so iam doing it... in emotions i even told her everything about me in our ESP talk! :( YES...very akward. Now she says that i did this all just to do evil to you, she's satisfied now and have cursed the same spell on my sister and mom as well... In the start, i had a little know-abouts about existance of i kept talking to her(besides i had a crush earlier). Yes iam really frightened with this curse things, and think i need a personal help with some expert who can help. I read there are people who can remove and break spells. Well iam really frightened, she flaunts her power all the time and says u can do nothing bad to me. I tried to persuade her but somany lies... Man epitome of foolishness.. or say simply "Evil". Jesus help me.God help me.Shiva help me. - I can reveal her identity if i know that some magick/spell breaking can really help me.. -What else i even tried the witch bottle technique to prevent me from further curses and read some wiccan chants plus holy chants.No help from those yet. Doing more.. Iam posting this at all wiccan communities to seek some help from the people in the brighter side of witchcraft....  (Oct 9, 2007 | post #7)

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