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Jan 13, 2012

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For Pool Builders and even homeowners who plan to maybe build there own pools, checkout this book. Builder's Guide To Swimming Pool Construction 2nd Ed. Forgot where I got mine but it actually helped with a couple issues(even with 15 years of experience) Very valuable info listed, maybe could have referenced some more OSHA facts like shoring and rigging but all in all worth the price.  (Jan 14, 2012 | post #3)

Danville, CA

Husband killed by exploding pool filter, Danville woman c...

This is very unfortunate! As a pool builder I've spent the last 15 years warning and educating homeowners (and pool service companies) of the hazards and safety issues associated with a pool hydraulic system. This warning usually occurs during my orientation after a new pool is constructed for my customers(somethin g I don't see my competitors doing). A pool filter is literally a bomb as it's always under pressure(PSI), specially when the element or cartridge/sand has NOT been cleaned. Atleast 75% of the homes that I visit in Florida, have a pool pump/filter system with a NON WORKING pressure gauge. THIS IS A BIG NO NO! the manufacturer puts a gauge on the equipment for a reason and yet most pool cleaning companies are too lazy to replace or repair them. They are $5 to buy, and when in working condition, are your eyes & ears(if you will) to whats happening inside that system. Pool pumps are designed to push water through the filter to remove bacteria and algae etc so our water stays with a effective quality level to swim in. When that filters gets clogged and dirty, the pressure rises and the filter canister/lid start to expand. Manufacturers recommend that all filter units be cleaned after a rise in PSI of 8-10 above normal operating pressure. There's no standard 'normal' operating pressure as all pools are built differently but usually pools run between 5-20 psi with a 3/4 or 1 hp pump. These systems become 'explosive' when the PSI reaches 30 plus PSI(some I've seen as high as 45PSI) Mostly due to old or very clogged filters. Even though the filter canisters are rated 50psi by manufacturers. In my opinion, as the canister gets beat up by the FLORIDA elements & weather over time, this 50PSI rating no longer applies and serious damage or harm can be caused if the canister explodes. Please be very careful with your pool systems and if your gauge is not working please replace it or hire someone to do it for you. It will prevent injury and your equipment will last longer too.  (Jan 13, 2012 | post #5)