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Jan 31, 2012


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Portsmouth, OH

amanda timberlake!!

Amanda opened the closet, others are just letting the skeletons out. At least she got something out of this in learning her hair could have it's own address and zip code. Shave that sh1t!  (Apr 17, 2012 | post #27)

Portsmouth, OH

amanda timberlake!!

lmfao at these hair comments so true, so true...if that were my hair I think I'd just shave it all off to be honest.  (Apr 16, 2012 | post #15)

Portsmouth, OH

joanie Rollins

You bitches wanna sit on your f*cking asses and talk shit about someone like Joanie, are you f*cking kidding me? Joanie and I have been friends for 8 years. I have never seen any inappropriate behavior out of her, hell, she doesn't even leave her house, people! Come on with all of this nonsense. If anything, you ugly bitches are just jealous of her looks. Grow up. Get a life. Most of you bitches are 35 years or older, act like it! Just because your man wants her, doesn't mean you have to dog somebody as good hearted and giving as Joanie.  (Apr 16, 2012 | post #37)

Chesapeake, OH

Meghan johnson Boggs

Megan is not on pills. And why does her personal life concern you? If she is with a chick, I could see why after being with Shannon, any girl would turn gay after that experience.  (Apr 5, 2012 | post #3)

Chesapeake, OH


Dubstep blows.  (Mar 20, 2012 | post #5)

Ironton, OH


Hi, I am getting ready to go on probation in Lawrence county. Does anyone know the fees associated with probation?  (Feb 29, 2012 | post #1)

Huntington, WV

Hot girls at Prestera

Nope.  (Feb 9, 2012 | post #2)

Huntington, WV

Last Post Wins!

I won!  (Feb 9, 2012 | post #625)

Huntington, WV

wendys on 5th

They suck  (Feb 7, 2012 | post #2)

Huntington, WV

What really please`s women the most?

Oral, lol.  (Feb 7, 2012 | post #18)

Huntington, WV

Fraternity Sued Over Bottle Rocket Shot From Anus

Wow.  (Feb 7, 2012 | post #14)

Huntington, WV

Prestera on news?!??!!?? m/news/headlines/M an_Threatens_Medic al_Staff_with_Gun_ 138851489.html  (Feb 7, 2012 | post #2)

Huntington, WV

Obama will get another term.

Ron Paul 2012  (Feb 7, 2012 | post #49)

Huntington, WV

brandon burgess

He didn't OD.  (Feb 7, 2012 | post #112)