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Jan 15, 2013

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Wiggins, MS


McDonalds in Wiggins :sexual misconduct is allowed in this store. A former manager Andy Woodward was bragging about having sex with underage girls that work there. If you have a duaghter that works or worked there you may want to talk to her about this. This guy is married and has kids and is taking advantage of young girls. He needs to be prosecuted. And someone needs to tell his wife. Another lady that works there had a coworker named Stacey Lloyd placed his penis on her. My wife had a guy (Quinton Goodwin) grab her butt! She has pressed charges on him.The EEOC has been contacted about this location. If you know someone that has a claim get them to report it to the EEOC so they can file suit against this business for allowing this crap to go on in a family/public atmosphere. Angela Riley one of the main managers there is reported to think this is all a joke. I'm not laughing! They warn instead of fire! I bet the owner would fire if someone grabbed his wifes ass while there. Hunh! Yeah some employee grab Meredith Deschers ass and see if you just get a warning! Not! Click on the link and you'll see exactly who I am I'm not hiding behind no user name. My name is Greg Rhoda and I'm mad as hell at how this business allows women to be treated. om/watch?v=sPSkpZQ m4yA#  (Jan 15, 2013 | post #1)