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Mar 19, 2010

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Peru, IN

Looking for Jennifer Wouster/Cunningham

I am looking for a Aunt , Jennifer Wouster/ Cunningham. Deceased Mike Wouster is my Father and Deceased Clara Wouster is my grandmother. I am her niece and haven't spoke to her in 28 years. Want to get up with her. I also have Uncles George, Steven, Jeffrey Wouster. If anyone knows of a email address or Phone number to help me contact my Family I would appericate it.Or let them know I am looking for them.  (Mar 19, 2010 | post #1)

Peru, IN

looking for Monica Shuppurd????

Hey I was wondering if this Monica Shuppard is Tony s sister. I was wondering where some of the family got off to.  (Mar 19, 2010 | post #3)

Los Alamos, NM

Los Alamos Problem with drinking, drugs, tobacco

The kids in Los Alamos are out of control. Who do we blame? My opinion it would start with during school hours.Do any of you parents know what goes on during school hours with your child at the Los Alamos High School. We'll I am sure many citizens & parents are aware of the children smoking tobacco on Orange street daily.Isn't it against the law for children under age 18 to be purchasing or smoking tobbaco products.These kids gang up in huddles during very cold days and all you see is big puffs of smoke coming from children under age 18. Groups of many as high that I have counted at one time was 78 kids. Believe it or not the barrel for thier cigarette butts furnished to them is on school property. What kind of school system do we have that allows this kind of conduct on school grounds or any School ground. The community complains of the problem with the kids of Los Alamos with drugs & underage Drinking. We'll then why isn't the Los Alamos county,community & school Board trying to put a stop to smoking on school property, or even allowing tobacco products on thier persons during school hours. Drinking & drugs: Is a big problem. I have witnessed students doing drugs(Smoking dope), & drinking , during school hours on Orange street.I have complained to police of students doing drug deals with outsiders in front of my house,out on Orange street and the near area. But yet it takes the Police 45 minutes to an hour to respond. And the community wonders why the kids of Los Alamos are doing illegal acts. Some people might think its not a big problem with smoking tobbaco but isn't that where it all begins,tobacco ,then drinking, then drugs, then teen age pregancy. I dare any parent to come out here from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm because if you think your kid/kids aren't one of these students you may get a BIG surprize, it may be your kid/kids. Breaking the Laws: If any parents child has recieved a citation for iilegally parking in any area of the denver steels then your child maybe one of the kids in our community that is smoking tobacco, doing drugs or drinking that goes on out here on Orande Street.I have and will continue to call Police for illegally parking on or near my property. So if you don't want your child who drives to School to not get the Police called on them and recieve a ticket for illegal parking here in residents parking 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday -Friday that is clearly posted, then I advise you to talk with your child and let them know they better not park any where in Denver Steels cause they will be called on & they are being watched when they do thier illegal parking,drinking & drugs. If I have to start taking pictures and put it all in the Paper & even on the news I will. I am one citizen. I can't do it by myself. So citizens and parents its time to take charge together.And if I have to involve the Alcohol,Tobacco,Fi rearms officers I will. At this very moment it shows who is in control. Because this community is allowing the problems to continue that is Tobacco, Drugs and Drinking.  (Mar 19, 2010 | post #1)