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Oct 19, 2012

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Mitt Romney - Closing Arguments!

Were just days away from the MOST important election of your Life, It is vital you reach out, and cast your Vote for Real Change! Mitt Romney is the man do get this accomplished... What did Romney have to say... Check it out now, http://www.Republi  (Nov 3, 2012 | post #1)

Cincinnati, OH

When the Truth Matters Most! Urgent Ohio.....

http://www.Republi Find out Crucial Information regarding President Obama Now!! A complete list of vital Promises by the Current President, and the Facts that either support or deny the claims! Click the Link  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #1)

Cincinnati, OH

The Next President, Mitt Romney up 2 Points in Ohio

http://www.Republi A new poll shows Mitt Romney 2 points ahead of President Obama in Ohio, in the latest survey showing the vital battleground contest tightening and too close to call. The Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters had Romney slightly ahead at 50-48 percent. The lead, though, was well within the 4-point margin of error -- the results effectively reflect a virtual tie in the Buckeye State. Another poll released over the weekend, by the Ohio News Organization, showed the candidates knotted up at 49 percent each. The polling, though, appears to show Ohio falling well into toss-up territory -- despite Obama having the edge in most surveys leading up to October. The RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Obama with a 1.9 percentage point lead there. Ohio and its 18 electoral votes are considered vital to victory on Election Day, and particularly to Romney's campaign. The Republican nominee attended a rally in the state Monday morning, while Vice President Biden has scheduled one later in the day in Youngstown, Ohio, while Obama stays in Washington to deal with Hurricane Sandy. The Rasmussen poll showed a big split between those who voted early and those who plan to vote on or closer to Election Day. For the one-third of voters who already cast their ballots, Obama was leading 62-36 percent. Romney, though, had a big lead among those who haven't voted yet. The poll of 750 likely voters was conducted Oct. 28. Nationally, the Gallup polling firm shows Romney leading 50-46 percent among likely voters. Read more: http://www.foxnews .com/politics/2012 /10/29/poll-gives- romney-edge-in-ohi o-as-battleground- contest-tightens/# ixzz2AkvTphUy  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #1)

Newton, NC

Calling All Republicans!!!

Fellow Republican Patriots, we are looking for you.... If you are interested in working the polls for this election, stop by the site, and contact us. Catawba County for Mitt ROMNEY! http://www.Republi  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #1)

Newton, NC

Early Voting Underway

Early Voting began yesterday with a bang as Sen. Rick Santorum (R) hosted a Rally at Lenoir Rhyne University. This years election is heating up fast as we close in for the finish line... Fellow Republicans, and Democrats voting in a Romney Favor, let's get to the polls early and secure a victory even before November 6th! If you are not Registered, you can register now at http://TeamRomney2 or our home, http://www.Republi  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #1)

Newton, NC

Romney takes the Lead in Another swing state!

http://www.Republi http://TeamRomney2 Fox Reports:The poll, released Friday, shows an eight-point reversal and a four-point increase for Romney. Last month, he trailed Obama by 44-49 percent (September 16-18, 2012). Romney’s advantage expands to 11 points over Obama among the most interested voters -- the nearly 6 in 10 Floridians who are “extremely” interested in the election. There’s a bit more enthusiasm for Romney as well, as 66 percent of his backers say it is “extremely” important for him to win, while 59 percent of Obama supporters say the same. The turnaround for Romney is mostly due to an increase in support among women, white voters and independents. Consider this: Obama tops Romney by one percentage point among women now, down from a 19-point edge last month. And Romney has extended his advantage among married women to 13 points, up from a seven-point edge. Romney’s advantage among white voters is 23 points, up from 10 points in September. Independents back Romney by six points in the new poll (46-40 percent). A month ago Obama had a narrow two-point edge among independents (45-43 percent). Republicans are also now showing a bit more party loyalty: 92 percent support Romney, up from 87 percent last month. Some 88 percent of Democrats back Obama, unchanged from September. Romney is matching the support John McCain received in 2008 in the more conservative parts of the state, such as the Northern panhandle and the South Central region. Obama is not performing as well as he did four years ago in the central region including Tampa Bay and Orlando -- which supported George W. Bush in 2004 and Obama in 2008. Romney’s favorable rating is also up: 55 percent of voters have a positive opinion of him, up from 49 percent in September. At the same time Obama’s rating is down a couple notches: 51 percent have a favorable view now compared to 55 percent a month ago. Florida voters are split over how things are going for the nation’s economy: some 43 percent say it’s getting better, while 44 percent say it’s getting worse. Ten percent think it’s staying the same. Meanwhile, by a five percentage-point margin, more voters think the Obama administration’s economic policies have done more to hurt (41 percent) than help (36 percent) the economy. That’s a shift from last month when by a slim two-point margin, voters said Obama’s policies had done more to help (41-39 percent). One voter in five says the policies haven’t made a difference either way (20 percent). By a seven-point margin, more voters trust Romney to improve the economy. That’s a reversal from a month when Obama was on top by three points on this measure. And the candidates are now about equally trusted on foreign policy (Obama +1). The president had a nine-point advantage last month. More voters trust Romney to cut government spending (+16 points) and manage their tax dollars (+8 points). More trust Obama to protect Medicare by a four-point margin, down from a 13-point edge in September.  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #1)