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Apr 5, 2010

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I guess the only way he'll get the "Denver Boot" on his car is if he gets a few unpaid parking tickets. How about following the judge with a big sign: "This judge (name) continually lets off repeat drunk driving offenders with just a small fine"  (Feb 26, 2011 | post #6)

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report stolen handguns

reportstolenhandgu [email protected] Most states require that the owner of a lost or stolen handgun(s) must report such loss or theft to the police. The required time to report (after discovery of such loss or theft) varies from state to state. Some states require immediate reporting upon discovery(Massachu setts), while some allow up to 5 days (Michigan). Fines for non-reporting and failure to report within the time limit vary from minimal up to $5000 (Massachusetts) Failure to report a lost or stolen handgun(s) and failure to report within the time limit is AGAINST THE LAW !!!! Do you know or strongly suspect that someone has failed to report the loss or theft of his handguns? If so, your complete information to us, which we forward to your local police department, will earn you a reward upon conviction of the non-reporter. YOU WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS The police do not divulge any information to the offender which would tip off as to where they got their information. i.e. "We got this information from a criminal we apprehended who had your gun in his possession" or " We traced the gun back to the criminal who stole it- he told us it was from your house!" Since failure to report is a crime- a conviction usually results in forfeiture of the gun- so the owner never sees it anyway. Even if the stolen gun is never confiscated by the police, your information can help build a case for prosecuting criminal acts in the future. Information such as: PLACE of the theft; approximate time and date of the handgun(s) theft-if not known, any event(s) which took place around the time of the theft; type of gun, make and model, if known; did someone tell you the gun(s) was lost or stolen (you need not name that person)....... For questions and/or to file a report: email: reportstolenhandgu [email protected]  (Apr 5, 2010 | post #1)