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Nov 4, 2012

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Philadelphia, PA

The Issue of the 2012 Presidential Election Is---The Gove...

(Part 2) — AGAINST Obama and the far left's "sanctuary cities" and socialistic pampering that have allowed the inner city in America in the last two decades to grow and grow and grow not just in size but also in lawlessness with more gangs, more drugs, and more raw violence to the point now that most crime there goes unreported because residents fear retaliation and because undermanned police departments are able to monitor only some of it (most illegal immigrants are Latinos, and Latinos now make up the majority of the population in 28 major U.S. cities)---Like almost everything the far left gets deeply involved in, America's inner cites are OUT OF CONTROL! — AGAINST Obama and the far-left's withdrawal-apology -cut-the-military- spending approach to the war on terrorism that is handing the Middle East and the Muslim religion over to Muslim terrorists. — AGAINST Obama and the far left using the EPA, bailouts, union collusion, and stimulus programs to determine what businesses will be successful and what businesses won't be.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left refusing to balance the federal budget or even pass a budget. — AGAINST Obama and the far left usurping federal immigration law in order to get Latino votes for political gain a-n-d political domination.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left telling Americans they "should learn Spanish." — AGAINST Obama and the far left taking tax dollars from Americans and Medicare funding from seniors to pay for healthcare ("Obamacare ") for illegal immigrants and their kin.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left declaring that illegal immigrants can get free healthcare and that American citizens have to pay for it with record high healthcare insurance costs---THE MAJOR REASON for the record rise in healthcare costs that started in the 1990s and continues today.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left controlling the market place with central planning.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left ignoring federal law and granting by PRESIDENTIAL EDICT "backdoor amnesty" to illegal immigrants and suing states that are trying to stop illegal immigration. — AGAINST Obama and the far left giving special government benefits to people ONLY IF they are a certain color, a certain minority, an illegal immigrant, or if they don't want to accept work.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left shrinking the business and middle class by redistributing money from the WORKERS to able-bodied people who WON'T WORK.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left telling Americans and the world that the United States of America should not be proud of what it has done for humankind and that Americans should apologize for America’s past.  Ms. Sara Linke....San Francisco  (Nov 6, 2012 | post #2)

Philadelphia, PA

The Issue of the 2012 Presidential Election Is---The Gove...

I found another superb post about the Presidential Election. I posted a couple of others before, but this is just as good as those – and unique. It was written by a “Sara Linke in San Francisco”……I have to put it in two parts to make it fit – Renzz THE ISSUE OF THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS---THE GOVERNMENT!  (Part 1) The issue of the 2012 presidential election is THE GOVERNMENT---too much government, too much far-left government, not just at the federal level but also at the local level across the United States. Since the 1970s, far-left governance has gotten America into pernicious, deep-rooted cataclysms such as out-of-control fiscal deficits, the sub-prime mortgage lending catastrophe, massive illegal immigration, soaring healthcare costs, criminal collusion between government and public unions, the energy-environment al debacle, and systemic low growth and record unemployment-and-u nderemployment caused by excessive government spending and high taxation. The issue of this election is simple: If you want more of the above, you vote FOR Barack Obama and more far-left government. If you don't want any of that, you vote AGAINST Obama and far-left government.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left telling you how to run your life. — AGAINST Obama and the far left dictating how America is going to be. — AGAINST Obama and the far left's socialistic policies and excessive spending that in 2012 have the GDP shrinking and poverty and unemployment-under employment numbers at modern-era highs. — AGAINST Obama and the far left overriding constitutional law and autocratically declaring that Americans have to accept illegal immigration even though it is taking away quality of life for most Americans, destroying the nation economically and fiscally, and dividing it culturally and linguistically.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left pressuring lending institutions like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to issue risky sub-prime home loans to leftist special-interest groups (chiefly minorities and illegal immigrants) who couldn't afford such loans---THE CAUSE of the Great Depression of the 2000s.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left colluding with public unions to get their votes and rewarding them with excessive pensions and salaries that have caused record federal, state, county, city, and public-school fiscal deficits across the nation.  — AGAINST Obama and the far left dictatorially determining what energy the country can develop and, thus, causing energy costs in the U.S. to rise to all-time record levels. — AGAINST Obama and the far left spending, spending, and spending taxpayer money on their favorite special-interest groups---unions, minorities, illegal immigrants, and leftist environmentalists- --and running up staggering record fiscal deficits, now at $16 trillion at the federal level and soaring (Obama in less than four years has run up over $5 trillion in debt, which is already more than George Bush's deficit-spending total of $4.89 trillion in eight years). (Continued to Part 2)  (Nov 6, 2012 | post #1)