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Jul 11, 2012

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RELICS Project: A Platform for Distributed Intelligence

Development Plan RELICS is made feasible through community-driven development which leverages all available resources and employs a spiral development cycle by designing, building, testing and evaluating the system in realistically achievable stages. The RELICS concept is not achievable in the traditional manner where an unprecedented project of such magnitude would require significant capital investment. The argument here is that the RELICS open-source system should not be valued in terms of monetary profits, but instead by the potential benefits of information. This should serve to invite and not alienate investors by proving that this is something worth the venture. The RELICS software platform will not be built entirely from scratch. There will be significant landmarks to achieve in terms of successful design and innovation as well as overcoming the challenges of coordinating the decentralized development efforts. It can be thought of as a system-of-systems and takes a systems engineering approach in order to refine the preliminary concept and design a proof of concept. That said, many of the core ideas and critical technologies already exist, now all that remains is to design a suitable platform, and form a community to undertake building the sub-systems and effectively integrating the many components. Core development groups, in their respective areas of expertise, will manage human and material resources, acting as the central planners and coordinators of the distributed development process. It is essential that individual participants appreciate the roles of both the employee and the volunteer. It is important to realize that this strategy is the only feasible direction to take. Pivotal questions remain in terms of the conditions-of-use and potential vulnerabilities of the system that could be explicitly misused or corrupted. Such questions will be addressed during the project¬ís preliminary design phases.  (Jul 11, 2012 | post #2)