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Dec 27, 2009

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San Bernardino County Sun

Yucaipa business suite a front for illegal marijuana sales

So, what is it Max? Is the war a joke or are we not supposed to give up on it? They say repeating the same mistakes over and over again, expecting different results is a form of insanity... If everyone agrees the war on drugs has not been successful then why continue it's policies. The policies have lead to an incredible amount of arrests, increased violence, more organized crime, increased supplies, lower or steady prices and more users; wasn't the prohibition supposed to do the opposite? During alcohol prohibition, we saw very similar things and ending that prohibition reduced most of it's problems, so what makes this prohibition so different? Nobody is advocating children use marijuana or have access to it, nobody is advocating smoking and driving, nobody is advocating it's abuse, but people are advocating the responsible use by adults and regulating it in a manner that has helped reduce the underage use and access to alcohol and tobacco.  (Dec 31, 2009 | post #21)

Windsor, CO

Medical marijuana dispensary defies Windsor moratorium

It's a shame that this small city would rather have people supporting local gang members and drug dealers instead of having a method to regulate who can get access to marijuana or how they can do it. Guess the local politicians and law enforcement community must have ties to the local criminals and would rather they flourish than take away their business so it can be taxed and regulated.  (Dec 27, 2009 | post #1)

Riverside, CA

Health Care - Riverside, CA

I would much rather spend my tax money on healthcare than on foreign countries that don't want us there and only take our money to buy weapons to use against our troops! Reduce the military spending by the amount we need to cover the entire country, it would only put a small dent in that spending! The US is the only industrialized country that doesn't offer it's citizens healthcare on a large scale, no wonder we have one of the lowest ranked healthcare system in the world and accounts for why it is so expensive. The only people opposed are the ones the insurance companies have successfully trained to parrot their propaganda, I would love to have a monopoly on some kind of business that citizens are REQUIRED to spend their hard earned money on! I always thought that my tax money was for the good of the entire nation, instead it gets used on lavish offices for the politicians that don't seem to represent the public as they were sworn to do and on countries that have policies that actively oppose our nations freedoms creating an opposing army that forces our military to hire mercenaries that further give the US a poor world reputation for dealing with opposing political powers.  (Dec 27, 2009 | post #9)

San Bernardino, CA

SB police arrest 11, ticket 34 during DUI patrols

Not just mexican's drink and drive... Most of these enforcement stops are just a method for the law enforcement community to violate citizens rights and collect revenue for the local community, it is no longer about public safety. Drunk Drivers should be removed from the streets indeed, but we as citizens give up our freedoms for safety all too often and then wonder why we have so many otherwise law abiding citizens in jail... Check points for ANYTHING removes a citizens right to freedom, it's a tactic used by many dictators and oppressive government regimes to round up the people they don't like and should be allowed with ONLY strict regulations and used for extreme situations to prevent abuse by those that choose to use it.  (Dec 27, 2009 | post #2)

San Bernardino County Sun

Lines drawn for legalization of pot

This kind of prohibition is so un-American and you would think that the 21st amendment would have taught the American public a thing or two. Our current prohibition on marijuana is causing increased rates of citizen arrest and incarceration to the point that we put countries with horrible human rights policies to shame! The prohibition of marijuana has created some of the largest amount of wealth the world has ever seen for criminalized organizations, to the point that they have the resources that most countries in the world would love to have at their disposal and have fought wars to obtain. Prohibition has created much more blight than any method of control (regulation in the best method of control, not prohibition) would ever bring to a nation. Our children have much easier access to marijuana than if it were regulated. If the politicians and law enforcement were smart they would start preparing for legalization and start figuring out how to regulate it now while only medical use is in place. This is the time to prepare for the inevitable, the ballot initiative to legalize will have the support to pass, so stop burying heads in the sand, when you could be proactively regulating so it can be a smooth transition, instead of creating the kind of insanity LA has been having to deal with!  (Dec 27, 2009 | post #24)