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Nov 12, 2010

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Gorham, ME

Gay Marriage - Gorham, ME

The issue here is really about equality. The people opposed to this mostly do so for religious reasons with claims that homosexuality is a choice, it's an abomination according to the Bible and other ignorant prattle. Homosexuality exists in many other species on this planet, but curiously, homo sapiens are the only species that display any intolerance to it. Could ignorance be a choice?  (Nov 12, 2010 | post #1)

Gorham, ME

Midterm Election Results - Gorham, ME

For all the tack about "the American people have spoken", little has been said about 2 significant factors: 1) most people do not understand the issues and take information at face value regardless of source, e.g., an acquaintance who learned of something through another acquaintance. 2) Americans are a selfish, greedy, impatient lot and to have expected miracles within a 2 year timeframe is beyond ridiculous. More than likely, the 2012 election will be more of this party switching. Sadly, this behavior does not represent progress, it represents stagnancy. "If we listened to it, history would stop repeating itself" - Lily Tomlin  (Nov 12, 2010 | post #1)

Gorham, ME

Marijuana - Gorham, ME

Legalizing marijuana represents an opportunity to control the substance and gain tax revenue. The medical benefits for prescribed dosages is paramount for people suffering from many illnesses and ailments.  (Nov 12, 2010 | post #1)