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Apr 21, 2013

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Los Angeles, CA

Escorts are making 6 figures... and for good reason.

Let's face sells. And if you've got something that can make you a lot of money, wouldn't you use that to to get it? Escorts in major cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and many others are cashing in while they can. A good looking escort can easily make anywhere from $300-$1000 a session! Even those escorts that are a little rough on the eyes can still hit you for $50 or $100 for a 15 minute thing. Add that up to a couple times a day, and your talking more money than your average good paying job. And don't think their profession limits them to spreading their legs every time either. Many top escorts charge by the hour even if they never end up in the bedroom. Many escorts are hired as simple eye candy for men to enjoy while going to events. For instance "Jamie" in Las Vegas has seen every show countless of times. "It's one of those perks you get... shows, dinner and the best restaurants, shopping." Jamie was even given a BMW by a client as a gift. "Prostitution is illegal, so I only charge for my time. But I'll be honest with you, many times I do end up in the bedroom. Not because I got paid for it, that's what is against the law, but because I like sex and apparently so do my clients. I mean, who doesn't like sex? And if your comfortable with your body, it can be amazing". Jamie isn't the only one either, I decide to do a catfish experiment just to prove my theory. I posted two different ads on two separate sites. First add was on Craigslist. I posted an ad under services as a contractor. After one full day with the ad running, I recieved one call. Now usually you need to really put your sales skills to the test at this point. Driving down to the potential job site, placing a bid, and waiting around sometimes for weeks for the person to decide on the winnings bidder. Most of the time, it's just part of the business. My second add I placed on an escort directory website called http://www.redrolo .com - I posted an ad as if I were a very good looking, high end provider. This should let the potential clients know that time with me will cost more than your average trip to the gas station. Within minutes of placing the ad, messages (or should I say leads), started rolling in. By the end of the day, over 45 potential sessions. And once an escort knocks on your door, she expects the payment to be already waiting for her. I decided to go one step further. I thought to myself...."wa it a sec, maybe it's just because I placed an ad as a super hot chic". I posted another ad on, this time as an escort that was older, used and abused, and not someone you'd want to take and show off at an event. Within minutes the leads started rolling in. I admit, not as many as a hottie, but definately enough to not need a regular job. She may not be going to the best shows in town or experiencing fine dining, but she can probably pay for that stuff on her own in her spare time.  (Oct 27, 2013 | post #1)

San Diego, CA

you must be Bored. time for an escort!

Stop wasting your time on the stupid computer and start living! Browse, Search, and Enjoy escorts in your area. http://www.redrolo .com  (Oct 26, 2013 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

Find local escorts in your area

Browse, Search, and Enjoy escorts in your area. http://www.redrolo .com  (Oct 26, 2013 | post #1)

Spring Valley, NV

escorts in your area

Start living life more than the average Joe. Browse, Search, and Enjoy escorts in your area. http://www.redrolo .com  (Oct 26, 2013 | post #1)

Las Vegas, NV

Sof-Sensor box of 10? Anyone interested?

I've got a sealed box that expires 9-11-2013 Let me know if anyone is interested. [email protected] m  (Apr 22, 2013 | post #1)