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Jan 27, 2013

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Oil extraction from weed

correction** 'i would never ever in my life put weed or oil in the oven** way' that was meant to say* 'i would never ever in my life put weed or oil in the microwave* way.  (Jun 22, 2013 | post #5)

Oil extraction from weed

well the freezing method slows down the extraction of the unwanted stuff from the plant like Chlorophyll, which is the green colour you can see in your ipa solution and you will probably be able to smell it in your remaining oil, but if your using the oil for edibles it not so bad, but if smoking it will taste crap. im not sure what you mean when you say 'I've read that for cooking it doesn't need 'heating' but if you want to keep it as oil you need to heat it to a certain temperature to change the THCA to THC' well if your smoking/vaping the oil, there is no need to preheat activate the thca to thc because that happens when actually smoking or vaping. now for edibles the activation usualy happens when cooking weed with food but im not sure with oil because iv never made food edibles from oil,but iv only ever made CAPSULES that you swallowed with some water. i had to heat activate the oil in the oven for some time (i think 30 mins but id have to look into my research again for exact times and temps). i used oven thermometer to be sure not to vape my oil in the oven. also you can instead of oven,do the double boil method where you use a small pan and some cooking oil and have your hash oil in a mason jar and put that mason jar in the hot cooking, and then using a long meat thermometer to stir the hash oil keeping it at the right temp to activate. so i just mixedand heated the hash oil with coconut oil(which absorbs in the body different to other fats) and soy lecithin(which enhances the effects and absorption of cannabinoids) for about an hour using the hot plate on my coffee maker. i would never ever in my life put weed or oil in the way. if your interested in this then google hash oil capsules, but there stronger dosed when using butane honey oil and for me peronally there was very good, but found it hard to get of bed the next day lol cheers  (Jun 22, 2013 | post #4)

Bit coin exchanger recommendations

once you forward bitcoin to SR wallet, and make the payments from there you will be annonymous i think SR has a bitcoin cleaning system so you receive different bitcoin to what you actuly sent, but not to sure i have the correct understanding of this  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #6)

Bit coin exchanger recommendations

you dont need to be anonymous to buy bitcoins,there not illegal but paying a transaction with bitcoin does keep you anonymous, problem solved  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #5)

Bit coin exchanger recommendations

are you uk based? i know of a uk based exchanger hiddin in tor, set up to serve SR buyers, and payment is bank transfer, so no bank charges and his rate are amazing to keep the cost as low as possible IIRC mrcronk recommends and has a link on his profile....or used to if you cant find then i might pass the link on  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #3)

pollen for sale high grade smoke

any pics?  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #3)

free samples legal hash

i heard that if you use too much synthetic cannbinoids, they fry your receptors to the point where eventuly THC does fck all. its because of the way they act on the receptors, THC is a partial agonist, while most synthetic cannabinoids are full agonists. not saying that will happen from this hash but food for thought if its strong what you receive cheers  (Jun 13, 2013 | post #52)

free samples legal hash

sorry didnt see this lol  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #30)