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Jun 25, 2007

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Wow! Well I know that Leland is amazingly gorgeous but damn .. I didn't think he had that many women who are crazy about him!lol! Well my name is Rebecca, I am 17 and am also a massive fan and totally in love with the guy, I mean i'm sure you'll all agree .. he has it all, great looks, gorgeous phisique, good heart, amazing personality, oh and is it just me or has he got the most amazingly attractive arms?.. strange? Ok maybe it is but I have to mention it cause man .. I would love to be wrapped up in those arms! Just thought i'd mention i'm from the UK and I think it's safe to say i'm probably an obssessive fan (how sad does that sound)and god forgive me for the sinful thoughts that I (and millions of women around the world) have about that man everyday .. and night for that matter! Well all I have left to say is best wishes to Leland and the WHOLE family, they are always in my thoughts! If any of you really big Leland fans want to chat about him anytime my msn addy is [email protected] and if any of you do actually have Lelands REAL addy I would be forever grateful to have the opportunity to chat to the guy! Love and kisses Rebecca xxx  (Jun 25, 2007 | post #5)

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