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Apr 15, 2008

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If You Don't Like The Effects


Don't Produce The Cause

Local Favorites:

Perspective and Perception are key. My dog Sunny, my volunteer work.

I Belong To:


When I'm Not on Topix:

I have a life involving Prayer, Meditation, Volunteering, Helping others, visiting the sick and shut in and the elderly. Watching people.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

FuckFOX I Keep It Real This The Real No Spin Zone

I'm Listening To:

Maxwell, EW&F, Outkast, Goodie

Read This Book:

The Spirit of A Man by Iyanla Vanzant, The Book Of Secrets by Deepak Chopra

Favorite Things:

Prayer, meditation, passionate and stimulating conversation, creating smiles, bringing hope to the hearts and minds of children and the elderly.

On My Mind:

Americas spineless denials of racism and how they've redefined the word to escape responsibility and perpetuate this victimization.

I Believe In:

GOD, Barak Obama, The Dream. Radical Transformation. Turning fear, doubt, hatred, into their opposites. Where ever i am, you can feel god is present, in the midst of darkness If you spark up bet somebody gonna see it It is necessary for me to speak these words now Another day here hasn't been promised to me, don't you agree That you never fail when you try, i'm willing to die but first I am willing to live, and i overstand that this will be A lifelong sacrifice, in order to reveal You gon' have to destroy, and if you ain't thinkin right You damn sure can't act right, somebody raise your fist And let me know i'm not alone, revolution, doesn't mean fightin In these streets, and it ain't gonna be no revolution Without the women, and, it ain't gonna be no future Without the children, and, it ain't gonna be no children Without the men, and, you can't have no love without the trust And no, trust can come without communication And you can't communicate if you ain't got shit to say You can't teach about what you, been deceived about too Any book you read is still limited education You gon' have to talk to god personally and time is short And, he's on his way, and i will receive A grateful word for what i've done And this is all that really matters to me In time you will see what i told you is true And i ain't have to rhyme to say that to you I ain't got to rhyme to say it to you, it's true. Race & America: A country built from the blood, sweat, & tears of Africans Americans and the huge Ungodly economic disparity that exists.