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Feb 14, 2014

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For the people like maximus who thinks there perfect well sorry to break it to u ur not ur not only putting ur business out there ur putting ur children's name in this mess and that says alot about u and I and a Doctor of Divinity so I know that god is a forgiving God he forgave murders and rapist and I know he will forgive us of our sins the bible says judge not that ye be not judged ( Matthew 7:1) the bible also says how can u hate ur brother whom u see everyday ( meaning anyone in your immediate facility) and love a God whom u never seem. This make u a lying Hippocrate. I know that law and what's right and what's wrong but at them end of the day only God can judge me. Get ur priorities together then u can point a finger until then ur no better then I am. We are all humans we make our mistakes but it takes a real person to admit there wrong doings. None of us are perfect and for any of us to do what Maximus did IS COMPLETELY WRONG. Get MAD THE TRUTH HURTS!!!!  (Feb 14, 2014 | post #33)