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Jan 27, 2010

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Barbourville, KY

men my age

I love watching women and have noticed that there are more attractive older ladies here than there are young ladies. If you see a young attractive lady she acts as if she is two good to talk to you. I have seen several women over 60 that could compete with anyone at any age. If you want good looking women you have got to look pretty good yourself. I myself could care less about age. It is the person inside the package and not the wrapping that counts the most.  (May 31, 2010 | post #36)

Barbourville, KY

Which eye color is more attractive on a girl?

It depends on the lady. Color of hair, skin tone, shape of the face, no one color is more attractive than another.  (May 26, 2010 | post #3)

Barbourville, KY

b'ville walmart shut down

There are so many things that could be done in Barbourville. This is really a nice town and could be turned into a tourist center. The area in downtown has so many building that could be turned into small shops to draw people into the downtown area. If we could get the city and county government to work with the owners so much could be done. I would like to meet with the mayor, city council, fiscal court and the building owners to discuss what could be accomplished with a little work. I feel hundreds of jobs could be the result of a little trust and hard work.  (May 21, 2010 | post #20)

Barbourville, KY

Open carry of a handgun

How many judges will The President have to appoint to the highest court before the right to keep and bear arms with be declared unconstitutional. I'm not saying it will happen but it could.  (May 21, 2010 | post #82)

Barbourville, KY

What Service Is Needed Most in Bville?

We had a chance to do this on May 18th and didn't. Seems a lot of voters had rather have a few dollars in their pockets than vote for a honest man. This county deserves what it gets. I was born in Knox county sixty one years ago and it hasn't changed a bit. As long as the people keep putting the same people back in office, it will never change.  (May 21, 2010 | post #11)

Barbourville, KY

JM Hall or Doyle Gibson for Judge-Executive?

A lot of people say they want J.M. gone but he still got over 60% of the vote. Sounds like a lot of people are two faced about who they voted for. This county and it's people deserve what they get. This was one of the lowest voter turnouts ever. People don't seem to care enough to get out and vote. They don't care about bringing jobs into the county, they had rather stay home and draw a check. I guess they are happy with the roads and would like to go back to the horse and wagon for transportation. They no longer have a right to complain about anything.  (May 20, 2010 | post #5)

Barbourville, KY

Sherman or Pickard for Sheriff?

How do you figure that drug dealers and users commit victimless crimes? If your house was broken into to gain money to support a habit are you a victim. If someone sells drugs to your child are you and your child a victim. I think you need to think again before you make a statement about victimless crimes. John has done more in this county than any sheriff we have had in many years. No one will ever stop drugs completely, but he does try. I agree that we need to try some other form of punishment for these offenders. Let the punishment fit the crime. They are let off too easy by our court system.  (May 15, 2010 | post #156)

Barbourville, KY

hall or gibson your next judge ex

Neither Gibson or Hall will win. They have both been given a chance and failed.  (May 14, 2010 | post #78)

Barbourville, KY

Mexicans are Americans

First of all I have to say I do not agree when people from any other country comes into the U.S. without proper papers. I must say that 5th Grader and LMCinfantry are the only ones on this thread that makes sense. To threaten anyone with murder makes you worse than the people you are complaining about. They are people like you or me and deserve respect. Most are only trying to feed their families just like you.  (May 14, 2010 | post #45)

Barbourville, KY

What candidate do you thnk will better serve Knox County ...

Joe Woolum will better serve this county. He has been out talking to a lot of people throughout the county and has a lot of support. As to, what a joke posted, truck driving has nothing to do with being county judge ex., but honesty and a desire to help the county and it's people does. An education can do a lot for a person if used to help others and not just one's self. Life lessons and a true desire to help Knox County means more than you may think. I am voting for Joe and so will many voters around the county.  (May 12, 2010 | post #5)

Barbourville, KY

Vote Joe Woolum for Judge Executive

Once again education is mentioned as what seems to be the most important qualification for be Judge Ex. What has education brought us in the past. It would seem that honesty and a desire to help this county and it's people is the two most important qualifications for the job. Joe Woolum has both. He will never be in anyone's back pocket and hasn't taken any money from anyone to run for this office. As for the occupational tax owed to Corbin, I would say that those Know County citizens living in the Corbin city limits earned those taxes and should be paid their fair share. I myself am voting for Joe, but you can vote for anyone you choose that is the American way.  (May 10, 2010 | post #13)

Barbourville, KY

Vote Joe Woolum for Judge Executive

I think he is the best man for the job. He really wants to help this county. He has visited a lot of people through out the county and seems to have a lot of support.  (May 9, 2010 | post #3)

Barbourville, KY

Mike Warren

Mike Warren has a law degree, but I thought he was disbarred when he was the County Attorney. Wasn't he found guilty of trying to sell his office?  (Apr 26, 2010 | post #12)

Barbourville, KY

Poverty in Kentucky SOLVE!

I read about a lot of people complaining and talking about change. How many of you are registered to vote and how many will actually go to the polls on May 18th? During the last election only 37% of registered voters actually voted. We are our own worst enemies. We set back and allow the same people in office term and term. It's time to take our county back. Put new people in office and see if they do what we elected them to do. If not make sure they serve only one term. We have to get the people to take an interest in this county. That is the only way to improve the situation in Knox County. It will take the county and city government together with a big push from the people. I have several ideas about improving the employment and bringing much needed money into the county and I am going to bring it to the attention of the officials after the election. I only hope that the people elected will want to help and not hinder this effort. Talk to the candidates and let them know what you want and also let them know that if they are not willing to work for the county and it's people that they will not get your vote.  (Apr 26, 2010 | post #9)

Barbourville, KY

Can Joe Woolum win Judge executive ?

Not only can he win he will win in this election. Also he is spending his own money. He hasn't taken any money from anyone else as many have done. Therefore he doesn't owe anyone anything, except the people of Know County. I truly believe he will do everything he can to help this county and our people, if I did not believe he would do this I would not vote for him, even though he is my brother. There is a lot of changes that need to be made and I think he will make these changes. He is hard working and honest and has some good ideas that will bring jobs to the county. Like I have said before, if you are happy with the way thing are going now don't vote for Joe. If you want change then he is the best man for the job.  (Apr 25, 2010 | post #28)

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