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Jul 19, 2007

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Paris wins bid to host 2018 Gay Games

Come, come. He would have to be able to read to answer that. I prefer Montparnasse Tower to anywhere else to watch the sunset. Sacre Coeur is also quite nice. What is your preference?  (Oct 11, 2013 | post #37)


ProtectMarriage Furious Over Decision To Resume CA Same-S...

I think Google has it figured out. My Chrome renders it perfectly and I never lost use of the reply button during the transition. The best purchase this year in electronics was my Chromebook. Sleek and no extra software to buy.  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #29)


Dominican groups reject gay US ambassador nominee

I would love to see the US finally take a principled stand and do just that. It is, after all, our money to spend. Why are we spending it in countries that do not agree with our ideals (not necessarily the actuality)? With so many living below the poverty line in this country, and with children going to bed hungry in the richest country in the world, maybe we need to refocus on our shores and aid those foreign nations that want our help and are willing to do their own work to prove that they are trying to raise to our ideals.  (Jun 28, 2013 | post #3)


I'm Not Your Bro, Brah: The Internet's Beef With Gaybros

Actually Chris, that is exactly right, what the hell is wrong with being yourself? I am an openly and militantly gay man who loves to fish, hike, climb rocks, watch college football with a beer and a bet, shoot pistols, and not worry too much about my looks. I'm just a guy raised in the country, with my Eagle Scout from a real scout troop, a love of the outdoors and really roughing it, and not really into the flamboyant thing. That is not me. All of this does not mean that I have any issues with the more traditionally gay role men that I am great friends with, nor does it mean that I have not had wonderful flings with drag queens or that I am 'straight-acting' (which has nothing to do with what this new group is about). I am me; openly, proudly, and happily. Unfortunately, me does not seem to fit well into the 'gay world'. I have lived in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Portland, Eugene, Rome, and Amsterdam. Believe me there are more men like me that do not feel comfortable in the 'gay' world, because of the expectations of militant 'gay' men.  (May 26, 2013 | post #4)


US Boy Scouts to Admit Openly Gay Youths as Members

Actually, it was founded by Lord Baden Powell around 1907 to help young men learn respect for the community. The likelihood is that Baden Powell was gay. His family will not release his journals but most of his contemporaries. The entire movement, Boy and Girl Scouts, actually derive out of his writings. I am sorry that you disown them. As a gay former Eagle Scout, as I returned my badge in protest to the policy, I will always treasure my memories of the Boy Scouts. However, as they change, and I do agree that it has far more to do with money than 'compassion', it might be a positive step to create a positive reinforcement system. We can see from our society how well-knee-jerk negative reinforcement works.  (May 23, 2013 | post #19)


5 Constitutional Misconceptions About Same-Sex Marriage

UR BS: Do you know what I find the most fascinating in this entire thread? I find it very telling that not one of the alleged liberal, open-minded people in this discussion will even countenance the ideas that both you an d I have proposed. Rather than actually looking at the idea, they are hell-bent on proving we are wrong. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier when I asked whether or not this fight was about equal rights or the word? Every poster here, yourself excluded, has more or less proven that it is more about the word than the right and protections we are fighting for. That is a sad commentary on the intellectual honesty of both sides. Anti-equal rights = we don't hate/it isn't religious Pro-equal rights = no other option, even if it grants everything they allegedly desire, is acceptable. I guess knee-jerk and pomposity are they hallmarks of the modern crusader. Too bad. Mayhaps you should all read Gandhi or Emma Goldman. They both explore the ideas surrounding opposition requiring two sides and the idea of wining through disengagement.  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #116)


5 Constitutional Misconceptions About Same-Sex Marriage

Actually, dear Rick (which, by the way, reads as extremely condescending and not a very effective conversational phrase), we co have all the mechanisms in place to deal with 'civil unions.' It is known, collectively, as contract law. The people most upset in this matter would be the divorce lawyers because all of divorce law would become irrelevant. We spent three years and many, many hours exploring this with lawyers, clergy, conservatives, and liberals when we were writing our proposal. There were a few dissenters but most people across the spectrum (with the exception of the rabid anti-gay religious and the rabid pro-gay marriage at all costs liberals) were quite comfortable with this solution. Our biggest concern was how to explore the federal area since only one state would have created the split. If every state did it, then DOMA would be moot since marriage would no long exist under state law anywhere in the US. Pressure from the state treasury offices and interstate contract law would clear the last vestige of this silly law. It would have no teeth. Oh, and please try not to do the whole superiority thing in your posts. It is unbecoming someone who is generally rational and interesting to read.  (Dec 23, 2012 | post #60)


5 Constitutional Misconceptions About Same-Sex Marriage

Note that in my earlier post I specifically stated that one of the elements of the universal civil unions idea is to remove marriage and married as a protected class. Everyone -- gay, straight, bi, trans, non -- would have identical protections under the law through registry at the relevant county or state offices. If someone wants to get married in a church, go for it. The clergy would not be an agent of the state and therefore the union would have no legal standing. You would still have to get registered at the relevant county or state office. And just for clarification, when we proposed this in Oregon, many denomination's clergy were in support of the idea. They felt that it was a very good way to further strengthen the divide between the secular and the sacred. Many clergy are really not comfortable acting in this one area as an agent of the state. The idea here is to remove the issue. Who cares if the religious have 'co-opted' the word marriage from its original taxation and census roots in Europe? (The word itself is only an English concept that is used by translators to try to convey a meaning that on;y sometimes matches in any significant way the current Western idea). Words and concepts change over time. We should all have Plato come here and discuss democracy with him. He would barely recognize our system of mob rule. All this does is says that we are no longer going to give energy to their phobias and paranoia. We are going to move on to other, far more important needs in society. We will give them the word (since churches want it so bad and we can still find plenty of churches that will perform the Sacred Rites) and our secular society will grant kinship rights and benefits equally under another label. Again, this was achievable in three lines of initiative in Oregon. Three whole lines. We define civil unions in one sentence. We direct the legislature to remove the term and substitute the new term. We specifically state the marriage has no legal standing and grandfather all the currently married person (sending them a new registry certificate for ease of record keeping.) The Legislative Counsel (the lawyers who vet any initiative that they are asked to) stated in no uncertain terms that our language and ballot would do exactly what we set out to do. We chose not to introduce it after the unexpected passage of the Domestic Partnership rules since the side effect was to disenfranchise every legally partnered couple in the State of Oregon from the federal tax system. We are still considering it. Imagine the IRS disenfranchising an entire state for tax purposes. There is an interesting lawsuit. Still, my original question stands, why are you all so bent on the word if the rights are all that matter?  (Dec 23, 2012 | post #59)


5 Constitutional Misconceptions About Same-Sex Marriage

So why don't we remove that right from all religious figures, as is the case in many other Western nations, and require all persons to formally register this contract with the state or county office that is currently involved in the 'marriage' game? Religious Marriage would no longer have any legal standing and everyone, no matter what they chose to all it, would only have legal protections granted through the civil union contract. In Oregon it would take a three line ballot measure to do this. I know because I had one vetted through the Legislative Counsel eight weeks before Domestic Partnership suddenly and unexpectedly were approved. It was eight weeks to the day after I gave a copy of the initiative to my legislator and was asked to hold off for two months before filing. It is the rights we are after, correct? It is not the ability to throw a stupid word that has been redefined and redefined enough times across the world and the ages as to have little actual meaning at the people who hurt us, is it? I would hope that we are better than that.  (Dec 23, 2012 | post #49)


Esther J. Cepeda: Boy scouts are only buying time on gay ...

As a proud and out Eagle Scout (Post 60 1983) one of the hardest decisions I have ever made is to return my award and disavow a program that gave me so much as a youth. As an Eagle Scout, I learned to respect everyone and discriminate against no one, ever. If Boy Scouts of America cannot follow the precepts and expectations it instilled in me, I can no longer consider myself affiliated with the organization.  (Jul 26, 2012 | post #3)


NJ Gop gov vows swift action on gay-marriage bill

Anyone that follow the link should note that the website is nothing more than a cover for the American College of Pediatrics, the same group that broke away from the actual pediatric medical association and helped found NARTH among other silly groups. There is no credibility in this site.  (May 25, 2012 | post #39)


One hundred and fifty three U.S. mayors for marriage equa...

Mine's Listed. Way to got.  (Feb 20, 2012 | post #17)



Of course Topix does not accept Greek as a language set.  (Jan 14, 2012 | post #15)


There is no excuse for GLBT or Cultural Appropriation

Sorry, it should have read..."...Po st 3 and Post 2."  (Nov 7, 2011 | post #24)

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