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Sep 1, 2012

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Brooklyn, NY

Worker shoots 2 dead in market rampage

This is not news as of everyday we hear people shooting and people get killed for nothing.  (Sep 1, 2012 | post #2)

why do algerians living in europe pretend to be moroccans

It's a stupid question by a stupid person.  (Sep 1, 2012 | post #349)

Report: Corruption in Algeria is pervasive

Corruption is a very dangerous social phenomenon especially if is a must as in Algeria.If you want something to be done whether is legal or not you should pay money to the person who presumely can do it for you.From bribing the policeman to corrupting a high ranking personality in the government to win a multimillion economic contract it is the way how the political machine operates in Algeria.You will have a pass if you pay but if you play by the rules you need to worry you are just wasting your time.However, corrupted countries end up fighting this sickness by anothers means, such as, civil wars, unrests revolutions... to change the situation, resulting thousands of casualties.Corruption give the birth to social injustice which facilitate the creation of an angry class that can get nothing.  (Sep 1, 2012 | post #1)