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Jun 5, 2011


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Faith radio, in general, is is not full of love, does not attempt to unite the faiths, is money-grubbing, does not play anyone's music other than their own i.e. catholic music on protestant stations and vice versa, does not do much in the way of social justice, is not tolerant of other denominations or faiths. We are working toward raising funds for a very inexpensive, professionally operated coast-to-coast satellite radio station that is the opposite of all that. Please help us by writing to [email protected] We are a non-profit, NO SALARIES, don't need to raise millions or hundreds of thousands but only $30,000 a year to operate and are already programmed 24/7 and ready to air! And we're INTERFAITH, excluding no one.  (Jun 6, 2011 | post #1)

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sf faith broadcaster calls most faith radio 'shameful'

SAN FRANCISCO AREA BROADCASTER CALLS TODAY’S ‘RELIGIOUS’ RADIO SHAMEFUL AT BEST WHILE ANNOUNCING A UNIQUE NEW COAST-TO-COAST EFFORT In the wake of the fallout of Harold Camping and Family Radio's failed May 21 Rapture, a new Presidential race, and what he sees as the current 'shameful' state of most 'religious' radio and TV, Don Fass, a San Francisco Bay Area veteran broadcaster, is planning to start a very different national satellite radio network. He says it will be inclusive, positive and joyful rather than condemning, be interfaith, focus on relationship with God and between people, rather than religion or politics and on the need for people to help each other and ways for them to do it. The network will also program both uplifting secular and faith pop music in a mix it first created 5 years ago and calls Positively Music. Most of all, it will be a uniter, not a divider. That network, CELEBRATE RADIO, waiting in the wings for 4 years will build on the broadcast success already of its founder, Don Fass whose weekly REACHING UP music and interview show is already heard coast-to-coast and in 205 other countries on satellite radio, shortwave radio, FM and internet and draws rave reviews from its listeners, both secular and Christian. And similar praises come from both Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, The West Bank and beyond where the show is aired on FM each week. The network will draw on our experiences with the weekly show and our wide spectrum of music and guests, from the CEOS and other leaders of US UNICEF, Compassion International, Peace Child Israel and Mercy Corps to faith leaders like Saddleback's Rick and Kay Warren, Sinai Temple's Rabbi David Wolpe, Chabad's Rabbi Yosef Langer to the CEO of Harvest Crusades and The Shack author William Paul Young and music people and groups like 50's-60's icons George Hamilton IV, Tom Paxton, Pat Boone to Jewish and Christian groups like Mercy Me, Newsboys, Natalie Grant, Delirious, Craig Taubman, Moshav, Israel's Rami Kleinstein, Yeshiva Boys Choir and many others. Today’s so-called Christian radio doesn't play THE OTHERS music or anything secular or anything Jewish or anything independent, it sells snake oil remedies and end times books, preachers either yell or ignore everyone else's beliefs, try to rake in as much money as they can and often mix right wing politics with God. and are like most talk radio, going to extremes while only occasionally talking about a loving, forgiving God. Only occasionally if at all do they concern themselves with the plight of the hungry, impoverished, trafficked, or otherwise abused. For more information or to partner with CELEBRATE RADIO, contact them at [email protected]  (Jun 6, 2011 | post #1)