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Jul 12, 2012

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Q & A with Ray Jadwick




Utica NY

Local Favorites:

I like stalking local celbrities and using my "brilliant" Photoshop and "Satirical Genius" to pste their pictures onto online porn pics I steal.

I Belong To:

... the first person that offers me a bottle in the morning. They can do what they will with me all day!

When I'm Not on Topix:

I stand and hold a mirror and stare at it all day like a parrot, fasinated with looking at the other bird in my hand!

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I spam topix under dozens of Sock Puppet names!

Read This Book:

Cutica, my failed attempt at vanity press 1983

Favorite Things:

Watching myself in the mirror.

On My Mind:

"Ray Jadwicks usa . free leech site at wordpress. I'm doing "Wordpress Deals" and I have a "legal team"!

I Believe In:

Telling people that I "founded" and its predecessor despite having nothing to do with it and how funny the real founders found that information when they were made aware of my lies and self-promotion.