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Nov 9, 2013

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Goodbye speech.

Hey guys,.brothers n sisters,.time for me to logg off officaly, but I didn't wanna do that without saying a few words to the wonderful people that I have meet here,.you guys I just want to say, Thank you so much you guys, no seriously I mean it you guys,.you guys have taught me so much really,.you've opened my eyes to so many stuff in this world,.you,ve totally helped strengthen my imaan truly,.and I feel like I've explored a part of our country you know,.you guys have enlightened a fire of hope in my heart for our country in sha allah,.and this fire shall forever burn in sha allah (Somalia ha nolaato) more proud now more than ever to be a somali,.thank you for,.that, to these guys..Illwad, magnus, anarchist,hooyo, aaliyah, selma,Lone-wolf,midnightnoon,kgiama,obserever(the muslim one), cumar, Gardaro, cigaal,Amal(don't know her much but she seems great),.somali man(we haven't had the best moments but his a great guy),..and all the other great people on this forum that I missed out,.you guys thanks,.may allah reward you so so much amiin,.you guys have been the best,.and I wish you guys. The greatest things in this world,.and jannah in the next amiin,.I wish you guys never ending health, wealth, succes in all you do,..and only peace and happiness,.also a kick ass 2014 amiin,..time for me to focus,..X0X0X0 you guys :)  (Dec 16, 2013 | post #1)

Buying a house in Bel Air

Geez,.so she's like one of those self hating Bitchez,.Man that's messed up for realz, whatevs though, its her life she can Suck it! for me SOMALI for life,.HATERZ YOU CAN KILL YOURSELVEZ,.cause in a not so distant future, By the grace of our Lord allah(swt), somalia will regain its Glory once again,..the oppression of one another will come to an end,.and all these qabilist bitchez and self haterz together with them somalia haterz who hide behind the PC and type trash all day, will have no choice but to eat SHIT...ViVA SOMALIA!  (Dec 16, 2013 | post #23)

Buying a house in Bel Air

LOL magnus bro wow that was amazing, true,..and the best part is this bitch whore is so upset about welfare which means she lives on it and she can't stand people sharing it with her,.BITCH PLEASE we aint on welfare you can't be getting the latest Gucci desginer Heels, scarfs and jackets and live on welfare like you,.and she feels she has the right to speak for the UK,.You arab hairy bitch UK isn't your country so just shut the FUCK UP!..THE UK didn't ask you to be their spokesperson,..crawl back to saudi stay there and speak for them,..instead of squatting in a country that's not yours and think you have the right to speak, see this is why arabs have always been and always will be the white mans slave,..see how this bitch is sucking their dicks so that she can cut inline to collect her welfare check,..Bitch please you have no right in this forum either,..go spread your ass in the homosexaul infested Arab forums,.we don't swing that shit in here,..keep in mind the UK isn't your country so SHUT THE FUCK UP.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #19)

Somalis: What does Somalia need?

LOL nutcase,..whatever boosts your self esteem and helps you sleep at night,.its all good with me.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #7)

what do you guys think of djibouti women

Uuum I, I realy don't know,..I just answered your que cause I felt the need to tell you what great women they are mashallaah(the ones I know) its not like I know all of them,..yeah I don't know, should probably stop putting to much thought into it,.I don't think they hate anyone,.enjoy Djbouti.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #9)

what do you guys think of djibouti women

Yeah good choice brother I only have good things to say about the Dj girls I have come across in my life,.kind, sweet hearted, Fashion divas,.not to mention great cooks mashallah,.they're like a triple threat Lol,..yeah anyways that's great brother I wish you all the best in the land of Djbouti,.I hope you find a great muslimah Dj sister in sh allah,..No doubt its a beautiful place.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #5)

what do you guys think of djibouti women

Oh Gosh Dj girls are amazing mashallah,.beautiful drop dead gorgeous,.smart, funny sophisticated smart high class beauties totally,..I have a ton of Dj girlfreinds,.amazing sisters truly blessed love em all.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #3)

What is wrong with trolls

LOL you're using reverse phsycology on me,.lol clearly phsycology isn't your thing or you'd have already figured yourself out by now,..see what you're doing is lame,..tryna clone my style and run with it,..that's cool I was the first one with it,'re just a little wannabe you just hate to admit it,..check you posts and comments you'll always be number 2,..cut the comparisons shit you'll never be in the legendary lane,..Fighting for a spot?..dude please we're solidified,..with our hands tied you couldn't beat us if you faggots tried, going on your 10 minutes of fame,..yeah this our place and we be doing what we want comfortably,.now who pumped you and told you to come run with us?..go back to the dump Fendi,.you need to stop you're not hot you're a burning match,..which means your end is near soon do you copy that?..Roger...we all now your last name is something like trash.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #10)

What is wrong with trolls

The real question here brother is WHAT THE HELL ISN'T WRONG with them,..they are a mixture of filth everything is wrong with them but we are yet to find a good quality,.they are abominations the outcome of their parents having an orgy,.they are Filth,.Mutants freaks,.they shouldn't even be allowed to be members of society,..disgusting,..they are a mixture of diseases,.worse than HIV/AIDS walking STD infections all of them,..their peety existence itself is a miracle of GOD yet some of these Filthy maggots have the audacity to deny Gods existence,..can you believe the nerve of these Filthy scums,..and what's most puzzling is that they somehow got the impression its okay to engage with us in any way, disgusting of these filthy maggots,..they are a bunch of walking health code violations,..can you believe these maggots think that they can voice their opinions from within their garbage cans,..amazing,..its high time these maggots realise that we don't get down like that,..we don't swing that shit,.this is some sick ass shit they got going on.  (Dec 14, 2013 | post #8)

Is that you?

Hi back hairy:) what's shaking,.you good,.oh yeah I saw your little advert earlier, I wanted to say something but I thought maybe you'd think I was being sarcastic and that my well wishes weren't sincere,.but honestly am happy for you,..your role model isn't the best type, but you're well known for making bad choices in life,.so its okay,.well I hope you're happy,.and I wish you a happy life of crime with what's his face...on the bright side maybe he will find you attractive and decide to settle down with you,.then the two of you can a have a wonderful life of crime forever,.with your hairy babies ofcourse,.best wishes thumbs up.  (Dec 14, 2013 | post #10)

Describle Laila Adigar in two words

Wow reverse phsycology is one this whore's fav moves,..strange I know,..right now she's pretending that none of this got to her and that we're the ones who got hurt and should probably quit,.smart bitch aint she,.LOL I kid she aint near to that,..listen up bitch,.this thread,..won't die you got that as long you still have feelings to hurt we're gonna still be there to make sure that happens,.lol its crazy how we haven't even put one cent in this shit game of yours and we're still wiping the floor with your FILTHY WHORE ASS....while you run around mad like a headless chicken,..we're just playing the violin behind you and enjoying the scene you're causing and how much your embarrasing yourself..:)  (Dec 14, 2013 | post #28)

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