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Sep 29, 2013

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Ask Dr. Gott: Woman deals with skin lupus

I have so many symptoms of lupus....butterfly rash on face, joint pain, hair loss, headaches, CHRONIC FATIGUE, swelling in ankles hands and feet, etc symptoms go on and on. I get low grade temp when butterfly rash flares up and i feel it coming on when my eyes get swollen and my face gets so hot! Then excruciating pain all over my body hits once my face get good and red. Problem is, i haven't been diagnosed due to negative ANA. Has anyone gotten a lupus diagnosis with negative ANA?  (Oct 27, 2013 | post #7)

Tell City, IN

whats worse than airing your dirty laundry publicly?

i have read other posts from you on here and im sorry you have experienced heartache that you didnt bring on yourself, however that issue should be addressed amongst the parties involved not brought to a forum to make matters worse. Its clear you support calling people out on here for their actions, but it seem to be motivated by your emotions of anger instead of applying morals behind your posts. Thats my point...there are some things you just keep in your private life rather than air it on a forum and then call others out. Even if that person did something offensive to you, doesnt mean there arent innocent people who have to read about a loved one or parent doing something they dont need to be involved in. All it would take is for someones child/teenager to stumble across this site and see their mom or dad being humiliated publicly. Sometimes you have to put your own feelings aside for the sake of innocent people. Think about how this would effect that grades could be dwindling, they could lash out needing counseling, or the worst scenerio, youth suicide rates go up. Is it all worth risking all that so someone can vent and feel better about themselves? I think not. And my post is.merely my perception on the matter. My words arent right or wrong so confirmation on part of my post isnt needed. People can either agree or disagree about what my opinion is.  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #12)

Tell City, IN

whats worse than airing your dirty laundry publicly?

Whats worse is other people without any insight or factual information do it for you on topix. This could be an honest, informative, resourceful, productive site for forums and even friendly debate. Unfortunately its mainly used to gossip, lie, humiliate, and slander people and even their children. EVERYONE has sinned and made mistakes just others have sinned differently. So if we've ALL made bad choices at some point why can't people be entitled to having a private family life without children being dragged into an adult topic. This sites hatred and jealousy needs to be replaced with compassion and intelligence, and maybe then people in the community can communicate with respect and dignity. All these names being put on blast on a site like this in a small town will eventually lead to lawsuits for slander, increased suicide statistics, and an decrease in the longevity of marriage. Is venting emotional outburts of hatred really worth the twisted temporary satisfaction you get? Permanent life altering events can be the result of your temporary sense of superiority. It would be refreshing to see some respect on topix.  (Sep 29, 2013 | post #1)