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Mar 17, 2013

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Your vehicle also seems prone

Your vehicle also seems prone to being spun sideways by your opponent’s bullets. [b][url=http://wat chthecallonline2k1]Watc h The Call Online[/url][/b] : Actually, that's understating things. Fuel Overdose is terrible. Like, so terrible it might just be the worst game I've ever played. It's certainly worse than any game I've played in recent memory — and in the last year I've played Page Chronica, Men in Black: Alien Crisis, and 007 Legends. In a nutshell, this is an ugly, glitchy, mind-numbingly boring, joyless slog of a game. Honestly, there are so many things wrong with Fuel Overdose I don't know where to begin. Bad graphics? Wonky controls? Random glitches? Any of the countless minor annoyances sprinkled throughout the game? There's such a wealth of awful, awful options that it's like drinking from a hose at full blast. [b][url=http://wat chthecallonline2k1]Watc h The Call Online[/url][/b] : I'll just pick one at random: say…the controls. At first I thought I was having trouble navigating my vehicle through the top-down course because I've always struggled a little with isometric racers. After playing through several (of the completely unengaging) storylines over many hours, and still finding it a battle to keep my vehicle going in anything resembling a straight line, I'm starting to think the problem is less with me, and more with Fuel Overdose and its habit of making your vehicle randomly flip over, or do 180 degree spins, or any of the many other things it does to make your car impossible to control. [b][url=http://wat chozgreatandpowerf ulonline1.tumblr.c om/]Watch Oz The Great And Powerful Online[/url][/b] : Which reminds me: this game is, possibly, full of glitches. I say "possibly " because the random spins and flips might be intentionally built into the game. If that's the  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #1)


Popular during the early days

Car combat is a genre that was very popular during the early days [b][url=http://wat chbeautifulcreatur esonline2.tumblr.c om/]Watch Beautiful Creatures Online[/url][/b] : In theory, a car combat game that blends a bit of Twisted Metal with RC Pro Am should be fairly foolproof. You’ve got two concepts that work well enough on their own to provide a lot of fun times for players, and can combine two completely different gameplay setups that blend fairly well together – as seen in games like Rock ‘n Roll Racing and Karnaaj Rally. Fuel Overdose tries to mix things up by limiting your ammo and overall supplies and calling itself tactical – something you could get away with if the game was fairly balanced, but it isn’t and it’s a crippling problem that renders something that should be fun into something that isn’t. [b][url=http://wat chspringbreakerson m/]Watch Spring Breakers Online[/url][/b] : You’ve got a variety of cars to choose from with their own pros and cons, and each generic character in the post-apocalyptic world has their own special attacks and skills. That’s all well and good, and everything there works nicely. There is some strategy thrown in with a grappling hook that allows you to hook onto corners ala Jet Moto and get past tight corners without much trouble once you learn it, or you can use it to sling yourself off of opposing cars for a speed boost, which takes far less practice to learn. Every resource you use has a limit on it, and between races you’re given an allotment of cash to spend however you wish on items. [b][url=http://wat chupsidedownonline]W atch Upside Down Online[/url][/b] : You can put back bomb chargers in exchange for more machine gun fire and that kind of thing, although it seems quite ridiculous to limit THE AMOUNT OF COMBAT YOU CAN DO IN A COMBAT RACER. These limits don’t seem to apply to enemies either, who seem to be able to fire off as many rounds as they want without any consequence. Another major issue comes in the form of damage from collisions – any collision with another vehicle takes health away, but when you’re in a crowded field it’s easy to find yourself losing a ton of health while your AI opponents only have a fraction gone. If you collide and are sent off-course, you can respawn by hitting Select, but it often takes a few seconds before the accelerator will even register – another issue that doesn’t seem to affect AI rivals. [b][url=http://wat chfromuponpoppyhil lonline2013.tumblr .com/]Watch From Up on Poppy Hill Online[/url][/b] : The sometimes-slippery driving mechanics also make it far too easy to slide off-course, resulting in frequent resets. It’s a shame that playing the game elicits frustration more than it does fun, because while playing, you can imagine how fun the game would be if its ideas were executed well. Occasionally, things click into place – more when you’re taking part in multi-player since it’s a far more even playing field. While offline multi-player isn’t an option, online you can have some fun with the game and enjoy it without the goofy story mode or things like challenge missions that just place you on existing tracks to help make the game seem bigger than it really is. [b][url=http://wat chsnitchonline2k13]Watch Snitch Online[/url][/b] : The story mode is at least comedically bad because of how cheap so many elements of it seem. The character art is nice and big – which is good since there’s only one main drawing for each character, and they just remove the front of the jaw for a frame to indicate talking. The funniest parts come from arguments, which result in the art being darted in [b][url=http://wat chlastexorcismpart m/]Watch The Last Exorcism Part 2 Online[/url][/b] : The in-game graphics are pretty good at times, with the minor cel shading effect around the cars looking good and the car designs  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #1)