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May 27, 2013

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Granbury, TX

Unsolved Murder of Holly Hunter During 1990/91, Granbury, TX

"An Old Friend in Austin "]To whom it may concern: I actually went out with Holly a few times in the summer and fall of 1988. Very sweet girl. Still emotionally banged up from her divorce. She had a t-shirt shop in the bus station and I think may have even crashed there. She worked out a deal with the owners (Kirk or Kurt Jones and his Mother) of the bus station where she worked the counter selling tickets for the bus station and got a discount on rent. It was Thanksgiving weekend 88. I believe it was the Saturday night that they thought the murder occured. I was questioned by GPD but as soon as I could prove that I was with family a few hundred miles a way I never heard from them again. She kept a journal that was a little bizarre in how it was written. Very dramatic and soap opera like. Thats how GPD got my info. The really strange thing was he wake. It was open casket which in my opinion it should not have been. I did not even recognize her, Her face looked like clay and did not even resemble her. The really whack part was the guy she was dating at the time was I think a Mexican national (very broken english) who brought his guitar to the funeral home and started to serinade her there in the coffin. He almost climbed into the coffin with her. Strangest thing. The family got him out of there shortly after that. The rumor at that time was he was a main suspect and from what I heard shortly after that went back to Mexico. Her and I never clicked but she was way too sweet and young and beautiful to have this happen to her. Good Luck in your search for the truth. Just as a side note , A few of the sisters new and I think a few of them dated GPD cops. The were all cute girls. Hi. I use to go to school with Holly we were best friends. I didn't even find out until the day of the funeral as my aunt lives there still and called my mom. My parents still live there and I visit about once a year. Do you know if anything else has been done on her case? I had heard back then that it was a Spanish guy that she had dealings with or maybe his girlfriend. I went to her gravesite back then and all there was is one of those flat head stones and not an upright head stone. I hope she has one now.  (May 27, 2013 | post #64)