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Jan 6, 2014

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Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Increases When Using Wired ...

Does anyone know which is more dangerous in terms of electromagnetic radiation emitted: (1) Wired headset, or (2) Bluetooth headset? Note on wired headset: A cellphone can emit up to 2 watts of radiation when in use. Use of a wired headset can capture some of the radiation emitted from the antenna, and direct it up the wire and through the ear at the brain. In some configurations, use of a wired headset can result in greater radiation exposure than use of no headset at all (e.g., in the case of clamshell phones where the antenna points away from the user). Note on bluetooth: Bluetooth operates at .001 watts. But here the headset is smack right next to the brain. Of course, using a BT headset lets me leave the phone a foot or two away--since radiation energy drops off exponentially with distance, this significantly reduces the radiation from the phone. BT is 2.4 ghz I think. SprintPCS which I use is somewhere around 1.9Ghz (CDMA) Thanks!!!  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #6)


Are ghosts real?

Ghost Hunters is the best ghost show on tv. I actually do believe it is legit. But Most Haunted, as Volke said, is pathetically fake. It's just a bunch of British people in a dark room going "Ahhh!" "Oooh!" all night. If you didn't see the picture, you could swear it's porn. Anyway, I also believe in ghosts/spirits. As with things like Bigfoot, aliens, and the Lock Ness Monster, there is simply too much evidence for there not to be some grain of truth to it. I won't get into the debate about what ghosts are, as we clearly don't know for sure. They could be anything from energy to actual souls of humans trapped on earth. However, there is plenty enough video, audio, and photographic evidence to prove that ghosts exists. They can't all be hoaxes, there are too many claims for that. Not everybody is a liar. My personal take on it is this: There are several different types of paranormal entities. Psychic imprints that are reflections of past trauma or signifigance (i.e. "residual hauntings") which I believe make up the bulk of paranormal phenomenon. Then you have actual spirits that can interact with people & objects, and manifest themselves. Intelligent hauntings. Then you get into the way out there stuff like poltergeists (more than likely mischievous or evil spirits), demons, angels, etc. which require no explanation. I've personally had a few paranormal experiences in my lifetime, nothing monumental by any stretch of the imagination, but enough to believe that there could be ghosts & spirits.  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #165)

Video Games

What's your best Dragon Quest 9 team?

This is only the second game in my life that I have crossed the 100 hour mark on; and now I have surpassed 140 hours (with 72 hours of multiplayer). I must say the game is truly fantastic, one of the best overall DS experiences I have ever had. This is one of four games on the DS that I just have to recommend - the others being Dragon Quest 5, Chrono Trigger, and Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (although, play the other two for background story). Other great games that I would recommend are The World Ends With You, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Dragon Quest 4, Rune Factory 2, Mario Kart, Pokemon Platnum (my first Pokemon game, and I must say I was impressed, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be), and the Professor Layton games. Dragon Quest 9 just stands up there with the best of this generation. If a cross between Dragon Quest 5 and Dragon Quest 9 existed, it would be the best RPG ever made. The game has so much packed into it, just a warning though, it can be very addictive (as I have found). Just a few things I would like to mention about the game: 1. Compared to others in the series: Given a 20-30 hour cross section of this game, vs. Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Quest 5 remains the best game in the series hands down (I would call it better than Chrono Trigger, or at least on the same level). Although overall, Dragon Quest 9 has the best value in the series hands down. 2. Compared to the last game in the series (Dragon Quest 8); all of the annoyances have been fixed: the game moves at a much faster pace; the alchemy pot can now take up to 27 items and can pop out multiple items at once through alchemy; the alchemy pot is instant rather than 3 minutes to an hour; etc... While having a lower cosmetic appeal, the game also comes in the form of a faster moving package, which is a blessing for anyone who likes to see results faster. The game feels more like a Dragon Quest 3 and Dragon Quest 8 cross - rather than a game similar to Dragon Quest 4 or 5 (DQ5 is similar to 4, just a whole lot better). 3. While only generic custom characters are played in the main story, in the post game via online activated quests, the player gains access to actual characters (though, so far, there doesn't appear to be any special advantage these ones have). 4. Legacy bosses are fun, I only have the first one so far; Baramos (the Archfiend from Dragon Quest 3). Fighting Legacy bosses works better using multi-player, the other players can gain items and experience from the Legacy boss, while at the same time leveling up the Legacy boss. 5. I have only just got into the level 50 map range for Grottos. I am not entirely sure the mechanics, but generally I just keep playing the highest level map until I get a higher level map. My best one gives me ~12-15 mini-medals if I open all the treasure chests. 6. After completing the mini-medal side quest (80), a mini-medal store opens up where the player can get some reasonably good items. 7. Best place to level up is on the hill to the North East of Angel Falls - at least until Metal Slime Kings are found =) There are some skills that give 100% critical hit rates which make killing liquid metal slimes an easy affair, and eliminates the need for any other form of leveling up (it is faster to just level up there, and then avoid monsters in other locations). 8. Skill points should be acquired to max out at least 1 weapon, the shield, and as many vocation exclusive skill trees as possible (I have done Focus, Guts, Courage, Faith, Enlightenment, and perhaps 1 or 2 others). Has anyone gotten the Luminary yet? I haven't found the Moai Minstrel yet.  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #200)


Low exercise 'risks female cancer'

A number of studies show that regular exercise, avoiding excess weight gain and limiting alcohol can help lower your risk for developing breast cancer. While eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a healthy decision, the direct benefit of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet when it comes to breast cancer reduction is that they are low in calories and high in nutrients, helping you manage a healthy weight. More research is still needed to prove if vitamin D and soy foods are an effective method for reducing breast cancer risk. Thanks  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #2)