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Apr 12, 2007

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Schuylkill's bus system logs 25 years of public transit

This is an example of the way a transit system should be run. I congratulate the Schuylkill Transit Authority on their 25th anniversary. The mismanaged PAT in Pittsburgh could take a few cues from STS and the book, WRECK OF THE PENN CENTRAL, whose lessons in railroading are as applicable to transit today as they were then when that railroad went bankrupt in 1970. STS should be around a good long time since from the beginning they have had the right people in the right jobs,which is more than can be said for that outfit in Pittsburgh, which due to mismanagment is forced to keep cutting service and laying off People. STS knows what customer service is all about, while the much larger PAT seems to have forgotten that service is the only product most any transit system has to sell.  (Jun 25, 2007 | post #1)