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Aug 26, 2013

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Fake, Fraud & Blacklisted Company Lafenzer Electronics in...

This Organization is having no tasks .They start division only to take cash from the individuals looking for work. They are not offering any wage to their workers. Lafenzer Electronics Pvt Ltd company noiwhich is centered noida and which is a aspect of again another scams company (As they are mentioning).These 2 individuals are choosing fresh applicants who are having difficulties for tasks and getting bad benefits of their job having difficulties. They are asking for protection down payment in the name of company of rupees 30000 and saying that they are recruting them as SAP advisor and this secuirty down payment is a aspect of 2 decades connection in which they have described that they will offer 8000 rupees monthly as a stipend for preliminary 3 several weeks and after 3 several weeks wage will be around 12000-15000. They do not need any tasks and these individuals are displaying bogus encounter of the workers and stuffing the holes and comprising them to various large organizations with scams and deceive objectives.Till time frame more than 50 applicants have been scammed this way and they are having difficulties for wage and stipend too.At enough duration of meeting they are saying we have so many customers and you will need to go customer place for tasks but after becoming a member of the situation gets modified.No customer and no venture. They are looking for for tasks by displaying bogus encounters of these freshers and developing scams information of company itself.They are displaying customers that Accurix infotech is having more than 250 professionals and market qualified and they all are knowledgeable.They are displaying their customers record which is again a bogus record.Not only one customer they have. Now a times they have began another MLM company in the name of You Obtain which will again eat the cash of regular individuals. 2 individuals have already got an offer from Lafenzer Electronics on the reasons for fake encounter. This way they are unfaithful not only individuals looking for work but large IT organizations too. Kindly conscious of this scams company.Dont spend any cash in this scams company. Please take some immediate activities on them before they deceive others.  (Aug 26, 2013 | post #1)