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Nov 14, 2008

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Hillary Clinton

Cindy McCain Caught Cheating on John McCain

Dont hold your breath waiting for Obama to screw up his marriage. You heard what he told 20/20 last night on an interview in the context of telling his mother inlaw what to do....Obama said;" I'm not stupid..that's why I got elected President" it was clear we have a different caliber of man as president elect this time...vs George Bush, or Bill Clinton..or any of the rest of the good ol boys.  (Nov 17, 2008 | post #579)

Blaming Israel for carnage

There is never going to be peace in the middle east..not in my life time or yours. Back in the day...when God wanted to reward Abraham for offering up his kid as a showing him the promised land, that would be flowing with milk and honey and where his children and their children's children would outnumber the grains of sand in the desert. Well Abraham had two sons and although he never got to set foot personally on the promised land..his sons were shown the rich land just across the river and said it was theirs. The two sons soon split up. One went one way and the other went another. Today the Islamic tribes and the Jewish tribes are still divided over who God and Abraham gave the promised land to. Now you want to try and decide for them which son God favored ? They are both of the same father. Call me when you get it sorted out will you. Meantime quit sending each side guns and bazookas...thy got enough stuff now to blow the rest of us up already.  (Nov 17, 2008 | post #30775)

Iran wants OPEC to cut 1.5 million barrels

Here we go with the conspiracy theories already...Iran doesn't need to conspire with our leaders to get gas prices raised...I personally hope gas prices top 5 bucks a gallon...maybe we'll get serious in switching to fuel cell technology or alternative electric auto, or natural gas or anything other than Muslim gas.. Don't blame Obama or Pelosi for your financial problems...rather look to the Reagan based voodoo trickle down economy disaster.Blame the current sec. of treasury Paulson and George Bush for funding the AIG, and Wall Street morons, as well as the Oil Barons, despite their obscene profits. Now GM is on the ropes because of cheap gasoline, and your demand for bigger and better gas hogs. Know what? GM and Ford cant sell trucks and SUV's because they can't get buyers financed for lack of money going to the unions who cost the US auto industry 3 times what foreign auto makers charge to build your trucks and SUV's that you no longer can afford .. Folks remember what got Obama elected in the first place...well, I mean other than the fact, he aint stupid...He called for change in the way we do let's change or have a race to see who is the first one down the tube.  (Nov 17, 2008 | post #297)

Bill Maher

Bail out Bonnza

since the US government has made mortgage money available to banks at bargain basement prices, there should be an ancillary regulation forcing them to disburse these funds t the risk of losing their charter to do banking. Make sense? In other words...memo to banks: Quit hording the government funds to relieve the dying home mortgage market, and aggressively work to re work the upside down mortgages that are in danger of becoming an additional call for liquidity in already failing banks. Listen it's not us verses's all of us in danger of becoming victims of this tsunami wave of a deepening recession. We want to get out of this financial melt down we're in...but we need to get the banks to loosen up on the purse strings..the business they save may be their own  (Nov 17, 2008 | post #1)

Real Time With Bill Maher

Obama is impossible to poke fun at

Sarah Baracuda Palin is a natural for comedians to beat fact she likes it for some ungodly reason, maybe she's into S&M up there in Alaska, and cant stay out of the lime light. Well they say people in Alaska have a window box in their home with bright neon tubes ablaze with light in order to keep them from going nuts during the long dark Alaska winters...when it's daylight only a couple hours a day...if you miss it, and she's a winker. The trouble with Obama, poking fun at him is like picking on Abe Lincoln or Moses or Martin Luther King...the guy has no nasty character flaws that we can point out. So maybe we better hope Palin is able to con the Republicans into making her the poster girl for the would be a comedic bonaza.  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #1)

Bill Maher

We're gonna miss Billy boy

I saw the last Bill Maher real time show last was inspired and hilarious as usual, but I felt rather sad that I wont be able to see him again until February or march on HBO. He's doing a gig in Las Vegas or some such place, oh well Palin will be glad to see him go, but I wont, and I suspect millions of other guys and gals will miss him too. The guy is a brilliant comedian...irrever ent, and irreligious...but down with telling it like it is. It's rare to find a talent like his...funny and smart as hell at the same time. Some one should start thinking about Bill as a replacement for jay Leno..who's a nice guy but about to wrap it up. Maher could be another Johnnie Carson, only funnier, with an attitude...and we all are looking for another Johnnie Carson...  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #1)

Bill Maher

it's the ecomomy stupid's not brain surgery...banks are in business to take in depositors money for safe keeping in a vault presumably..but they cant just set on it and pay their help, or the lights, gas and water bills. They have to loan it out at an interest rate that will bear a certain amount of profit too them..They have to satisfy the government with their charter and board members who are invested with them for their start up, and they have to maintain a specified amount of cash on hand, called liquidity, to cover withdrawals, and liabilities, or risks in lending, and they have to maintain their credit so they can borrow and expand and grow their business. Now the small businesses on Main street have got to do essentially the same thing. they have to get customer traffic to leave their purchase money with them to deposit in the bank, so they can borrow to replenish their inventory, so they can make a profit after paying their fixed expenses, payroll, benefits, and on and on.... Now picture a fire hose hooked up to a hydrant, pouring water on a burning building...everyth ing is Jake, until some jack ass backs over the fire hose and reduces the flow to a dribble. What's gonna happen to the house on fire? AIG says; hey it's not my problem..I need bailing out to help, the guys truck who is setting on the fire hose, says..screw you I cant afford this rig, and it's being's not my problem. the Truck sales department says I don't want that truck back I haven't got room for any more, and I can't finance the ones I have's your problem. the truck manufacturer says, you got to move that truck so I can unload the inventory I have..I need bailing out, just to pay my union benefits. The union says it's not my fault the company big wigs are rigging bail out parachutes for them selves so they can screw us and we're being laid off for loss of sales. This ripple effect started when Bush and Company wanted to kill inflation, because it was costing us too much for foreign oil what with our weak dollar...the dollar would simply buy get it. Now the ripple has become a tidal wave, Now here is my suggestion....inst ead of throwing money at that burning building...why not get the hell off the hose. Banks, do what you are chartered to money..raise interest rates, make tighter restrictions...I don't care..just loan it OK...our economy runs on credit so get up off the hose so we can put out this fire.  (Nov 14, 2008 | post #2)

Bill Maher

it's the ecomomy stupid

I'm not a fan of Bill Clinton, and yet I think he could get elected again today in a heart beat if he wanted it... but he said it for all of us, when he said while running against Bush senior "it's the economy stupid" Bush senior was sandbagged when asked if he knew what a loaf of bread would he know, he didn't do the shopping, some major domo saw that someone else did that mundane chore. Like wise, Bush the idiot son, was asked if he knew gas was 4 bucks a gallon...he said,"Where did you hear that?"...agai n some stiff in a chauffeurs cap filled his limo with gas, on the country's tab...what the hell does he care what gas cost, or even bread...shit let them eat cake. Now Bush and Paulson want to bail out the Robber Barons on wall street and the Oil Barons from Alaska to kuait, and really want to bail out the US auto makers that make the SUV's, Trucks, and Humdingers, that suck up this gas in a furious manner. Trouble is the people on Main Street., who consume all this stuff can't afford it, and are struggling to keep the homes that Bush and Bernankie glutted when they pin pricked the housing bubble. What a genius..they killed the inflation, along with jobs, industry, the economy and the Republican party, for maybe 30 years or more. You got to hand it to Bush the idiot..he was gonna show his daddy, that he was stupider than he ever thought of being. I think he succeeded.  (Nov 14, 2008 | post #1)