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Jul 17, 2007

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WHEC-TV Rochester, NY

Livonia coach accused of sending explicit material to stu...

That is a different comment. Have you ever gone to the NYS Sexoffender website? They are everywhere. They are in my community, they are in the country, the suburbs, the city. They are your neighbors, when I accessed the site, I was shocked at what I found. My kids come to me with anything they aren't sure about. I have seen some text messages, heard jokes, some OK, some very inappropriate. While none were from adults, they were from peers whom probably had no understanding of what they were sending. This has opened many conversations about many subject matters with my children. I worry about what happens when I am not around however, I know my kids will come to me with questions. I feel these pedators are less likely to be suspected right away in the country or the suburbs because it is a slower laid back pace so to speak. It is sickening and just shows that parents need to always know what is happening in their children's lives.  (Jan 13, 2008 | post #9)

WHEC-TV Rochester, NY

From Russia with love: U of R profs younger than students

How amazing and gifted these two Sisters are. They are years ahead of their peers. I hope this head start opens many opportunities for them to mature socially and lead normal lives. They are able to dictate their futures. Wherever their lives and careers lead them, how wonderful they started here. Best wishes to both.  (Jan 13, 2008 | post #3)

WHEC-TV Rochester, NY

It's okay to snitch

***City Councilman, Adam McFadden, says the campaign is not enough to get people to snitch. He says the city needs a better witness protection program.*** ***"The reason criminals get away with intimidating witnesses is because these witnesses are left alone to stand," said McFadden. "It ain't because we don't have another billboard sign."*** ***Church officials say their campaign will include improving the Witness Protection Program.*** __________________ __________________ _ If Mr. McFadden feels this way why is he not making things happen to ensure the city has a better WPP. Isn't it a part of a Counsilman's job to advocate for his district's people and make things better and safer for the community? So the church put up a billboard, I believe that falls under "freedom of speech". Sounds like this church is doing more than any "governing body". How is it the Church's responsibility to make the Witness Protection Program safer? Isn't that a Government Program? Why is it OK to mix "Church & State" in this case,however, my children can't discuss Sunday school at Primary school? Kudos to this Church.  (Jan 6, 2008 | post #14)

WHEC-TV Rochester, NY

Woman dies at Marketplace Mall

Sounds to me like she simply mis-stepped and the result was tragic. My heart goes out to the Family of this woman and to the Officer. I am sure he has not stopped asking "What if..." She must have been an animal lover, why else would she take the time to approach the mounted officer. I love animals also. I have had the pleasure of speaking to many mounted officers and petting their horses, always with permission. It never occured to me it could be dangerous. As the article stated, it was a freak accident. I hope this woman's family and the officer are able to find peace.  (Jan 6, 2008 | post #18)

WHEC-TV Rochester, NY

City pays $500K to family of man who died in police custody

Apparently WE are the stupid ones who figured hard work and moral values was the way to ensure our children a solid future. Will those children ever be honest and say their money is paid to them because their Father was a drug addict who was high on cocaine when he had to be subdued by police with night sticks and pepper spray? If the police had gotten him immediate medical attention, he may have died anyway because of the drugs. HE called 911... HE was high on cocaine... HE ran from police for whatever reason... HE had to be subdued because of HIS behavior... HE died in a van he was put into as a consequence of HIS actions... the city pays forever... WOW Unbelievable.  (Jan 6, 2008 | post #125)

WHEC-TV Rochester, NY

Trooper fired after fatal crash

Policemen, Firefighters and EMS workers are not exempt from NYS Laws. It is clearly stated that all EMS responding units must use "due regard" when responding to a scene. Not everyone does yield to lights and sirens, if I drive through a red light even with lights and sirens, and I get hit by a driver with the green light, that is MY fault 127 mph is in no way "due regard". It is my responsibility to make sure I arrive at a scene safely, I can never assume the "other person" is going to follow the rules and yield. Safety should always come first. Not only did he leave the Officer that had called for backup in a dangerous situation, he left a 7 year old boy without a Mother. I am disappointed that a grand-jury found him not criminally responsible. If the senerio played out with a civilian, it would be "Vehicular Manslaughter" at least. Because Officer Kristenson was in the position of authority, he should be MORE accountable in my opinion. He was supposed to "serve & protect".... 127 mph is negligence by any standards. So he lost his job... someday he will find another job, a 7 year old boy will never get his Mom back.  (Jan 6, 2008 | post #11)

WGRZ Buffalo

Town Left Without Police After Cops Take Trip to Hooters

Absolutely.... if there was a scheduling conflict caused by a suspended officer, that should have been resolved long before the shift started. As far as the lone officer not wanting to work alone, there should have been coverage provided considering his "partner " that shift had been suspended. However, nobody that went to Hooters was obligated to work that night. Who cares what they did on their off time. Last I knew, "Hooters " was not illegal. I work in a hospital and when a shift cannot be covered any other way, our Unit Supervisor is expected to cover the shift herself. Unless the Shift Supervisor went to Hooters with everyone else, knowing full well there was no police coverage, I do not see the issue. God forbid anyone have an actual life outside work.  (Aug 22, 2007 | post #12)

WGRZ Buffalo

Man Charged with Tampering at Fatal Accident Scene

Unbelievable.... I have to believe there is a special place set aside in **** for individuals such as this man.  (Aug 15, 2007 | post #5)

WGRZ Buffalo

Fatal Accident Prompts Response For Little Valley Interse...

I am also very familiar with this intersection. I am sure finances play a role in why this hasn't been redesigned yet. My heart goes out to the Family of Danny Case. Nothing that happens from this day forward will bring him back however it very well may prevent someone else from being killed. I remember when there was not a stop sign there, just a "Yield" sign... Maybe the addition of a traffic signal would help. What a tragidy.  (Aug 11, 2007 | post #6)