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Jun 14, 2013

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Lexapro. Should i give up on it? What time of day best ...

I was perscribed 10mg starting dose of lexapro for anxiety, i was also suffering from insomnia, after a couple of days i stopped taking it because i was getting headaches and felt very confused(like i had trouble concentrating). After about a week i decided to give it another try, i've been on it for about a week, it seems like the headaches are less severe and i still have some trouble concentrating. what time of day is it best to take it? My doc told me to take it in the evenings before bed, but it seems that, and it might be due to my overactive thinking/anxiety, at night that sometimes i can't seem to fall or i wake up and then i can't go back to sleep which is when i take some xanax to help me go back to sleep, could this be from lexapro or my anxiety. Should i try taking it some other time of day? I'm working with my counselor to help with my anxiety issues as well. Sometimes if feel discouraged/frustrated, i wish there was a switch i could flick and make it all better in an instant.  (Jun 14, 2013 | post #1)