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Sep 21, 2007

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WLTX Columbia

Lexington Man wins $200,000 in Holiday Lottery Game

And then you wonder why people don't come forward when they win the big lotteries?? Duh! Be real people. If you want to win at the lottery you have to take your chances like all the rest of us and actually PLAY THE LOTTERY! If you cannot afford to play...DON'T! It says on each and every ticket "play responsibly" it doesn't say must share with others. Quit begging, get a job, and play yourself..or don't. quit whining about how unfortunate you are, and how needy you are. DO FOR YOURSELVES FOR A CHANGE, AND QUIT WAITING FOR THE HANDOUTS!!!  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #39)

WLTX Columbia

Clemson Won't Hold 'Funeral' for Cocky

AMEN!! Someone somewhere finally has the proper sentiments at heart. I've always been a proud Carolina Fan, but I think now I'm also a HUGE Clemson fan as well. Way to go guys. Superior class and style! There is more to life than college ball.  (Nov 13, 2007 | post #52)

WLTX Columbia

'Grandpa Bandit' Accused of Robbing 7 Banks

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas......  (Nov 12, 2007 | post #7)

WLTX Columbia

Kershaw Sewage System Troubles Cause Scandal

And none of you guys live here like I do!! All hail Camden, we have the MOST crooked of the crooked politians in this town. And worse yet, they are all related or married to's so we're screwed all the way around. We have to call the media out of town and bring attention to ourselves, however embarassing, to get anything accomplished. God help the little man!  (Nov 6, 2007 | post #16)

WLTX Columbia

Police Charge Woman for Yelling at Toilet

You're right, most EDUCATED persons would not agree with you. You had better thank your lucky stars we have the ACLU, just for idiots like yourself! This woman has every right to do whatever in the heck she wants to in her own bathroom! She can't help it that she apparently bought a house that has a zero lot-line with windows that face each other! I'm sure she didn't even think about the window being open as she was trying to avert this disaster. And where was her worthless husband anyway?? Probably on his know "getting a life". C'mon, you joined in the blog, so get over it. Shut your window and your mouth! Better yet, why don't you go over like a real man and offer assistance to the poor woman, fix her toilet and get off your soapbox.  (Oct 18, 2007 | post #76)

WLTX Columbia

Jena 6 Families Get Threats from White Supremacist Site

Really, I'm shocked at those stats. Where did you get them? 3% just doesn't seem right. I'll take your word for it until I read otherwise. You wouldn't happen to know those same stats for GA would you? thanks  (Oct 8, 2007 | post #88)

WLTX Columbia

Jena 6 Families Get Threats from White Supremacist Site

BESIDES THE FACT THAT YOU CANNOT SPELL PROPERLY OR USE PROPER ENGLISH, just what is your problem?? I am so sick of this all! I am sick of black people in this country acting like they are owed something. I am sick of the whites who cow-tow down to them. I did not own slaves. My ancestors did not own slaves. I don't owe you anything. No one does! Get out, get an education, get a job, work, be honest, churchgoing, take care of your own children, and stop asking for the federal government or the taxpayers of this country to do it! With the black race in this country only making up 17% of the population as a whole, I just will never understand, the rest of the citizens of this nation allowing the reverse discrimination that is going on to continue to happen. John F. Kennedy talked about enacting "welfare " but was shot dead before anything happened. It was Lyndon Johnson that made it happen. They never intended for a whole generation of people to make their living collecting, or teaching their children how to collect welfare and suck the blood right out of our system. They never meant for it to be an "income" for life. It was supposed to be "aid", just long enough for them to get back on their feet, or learn a trade. So these generations have learned to ask for a every way. And if you can't get it then sue somebody, for anything you can. Because you're black, you're underprivleged, you've been slighted in some way. BULL, get over it. Americans had better wake up, stand up for our rights, and least of all SPEAK UP for what is right and what is wrong. They beat the crap out of a kid because someone taughnted hoo, get over it. The kid in jail deserved jail. I'm sure it's only the beginning of his criminal record anyway. DONE  (Sep 27, 2007 | post #75)

Camden, SC

Kershaw County news

His picture is at the Alvin S. Glenn detention centers web site. Theres an article on it at  (Sep 24, 2007 | post #3)

WLTX Columbia

Man Accusing of Killing His Girlfriend

I will never understand what brought the two of them together in the first place. If anyone knows please let me know. There is no excuse for her death, but hopefully an explaination. It is still so bizarre to me that they ended up together! I can't wait until all the facts of this come out, if they ever do. The rumor mill is having a field day around Camden and Lugoff. With stories of who took her to the hosp. to what they were on (drug) at the time. I'll never get my mind around this one.  (Sep 24, 2007 | post #97)