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Sep 12, 2012

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Murrieta, CA

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If you want to work for QCS inc. selling vacuums beware on the first day of orientation. The speaker was Kevin Ellis who talked for FIVE hours straight with out even taking one sip of water or even a bathroom break. I have never attended a college class or any type of training when a person speaks for that length of time without a break. The small room for 26 people heated up quickly on a day when outside temperatures were above 90 degrees. QCS inc. never turned on the air conditioner and very few people (3) knew that Mr. Ellis would talk for up to six hours. How can you focus under conditions like Mr. Ellis designed. Even Mr. Ellis could not focus on his own thoughts, at times he would go off on different subjects while he was telling people to pay close attention on the first subject he was trying to make. He did stop in front of all 26 people to kiss a woman 3 or 4 times in front of everyone. I really liked it when he told everyone to turn off their cellular phones but kept his on, and it went off for at least 2 hours of the orientation. He said his father had just passed away (reason for leaving the cell phone on) but when he spoke of his deceased father he referred to his death in the past not recent. Mr. Ellis never mentioned the word PROFESSIONALISM in his marathon 5 plus hour word salad. Good luck if you decide to work for a person like that, its all used car talk.  (Sep 12, 2012 | post #1)