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Aug 31, 2014

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Why are white men so attracted to asian women?

I am Chinese girl. In my opinion,I always believe that the "law of the jungle",wheth er we are in a same race or different race.There are so many contends in this world,also I do believe the nice peoples and trash in any sort of race.People always seek after the good things with any reasons,these are natural rules.We have to face them.but why should I care?I just trying to do my best,an d I prefer spend my time to that people who is nice whether he/she is which color to complain and blam others. Yes,white men attracted to our asian woman,we Asian woman attracted to white man,too!so what?!Everybody have a right to choose,you white people have that right,so do we Asian people.We choose each other,we choose the thing what we like.that is it!so badly to white racist,Asian women grab your men and Asian people grab your job.what a unfair thing!LOL,unfortun ately,you unable to stop it! The nice people whether you are which color,I'd like to give you applause! The white racist,what about give you a big box of tissue?that is enough to you tears and saliva at home with your fat azz and your broken heart.  (Sep 1, 2014 | post #27909)