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Jan 31, 2013

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Frankfort, KY

Anyone know Donald Isenbek?

Yall should check this out...adams my dawg and has been for hella years...hes not up wit all dis gossip and bs yall waste yalls life talkin bout...but jus so yall kno bout that bullshit breakin her baby daddy holla bout...well he was stayin wit samantha at her mamas house whilebher grandparents were in FLA...he paid his way while he was there cuz my dude does got a job and a good one at that...wrks mon-thur from 5:30 pm-4 am and kicked it wit his girl SAMANTHA on his weekends off...from what I heard the so called "breakin " happened while daffy duck was in NY wit the kids...well records show adam was workin and if he wasnt at work he was at his girls place kicked back on sum Black Ops 2 I dont waste your time thinkin your gonna bring THEM down wit sum bogus ass wishes...Thx for lettn me comment guys...have a good one!!! I got ya back brah!!!  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #30)