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Jan 7, 2013

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How to Reset Windows XP Password

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Cell Phones

How to Recover iPhone Text Message?

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Hou to recover deleted contacts or SMS from iPhone ?

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Cell Phones

Reset iPhone 5 backup password With Unlock Tool

How to reset your iPhone encrypted backup password is easier than you think. Since your iPhone backup contains all your private data plus your applications, a robust password is warranted. It’s also advisable to reset your password every month or two, thus replacing the same with data’s amount of security. Once you understand the best way to reset your iPhone backup password, you’ll be able to easily do this in future and also teach friends and family. In order to reset iPhone encrypted backup password you’ll need a computer with internet access; a USB data cable, your iPhone, the latest version of Apple’s iTunes. Then do as the following steps: Step 1: Start your computer. Start your personal machine and visit. If your computer is password protected, provide you with the password and see a desktop. Wait for a moment to allow background plan to start properly. Step 2: Connect iPhone. Take the USB cable that came with your iPhone and connect it with a free USB port on my computer. Connect one other end on your iPhone. Your laptop will automatically detect the iPhone and install any needed drivers. Step 3: Open iTunes. Open Apple’s iTunes application utilized to control your iPhone. To start the iTunes application, click Start, All Programs, take a look to get a folder called “iTunes” and click on it. After the folder opens, click on the “iTunes” icon to begin the application form. Step 4: Locate phone in iTunes. Think about the left hand column to investigate “Devices.” Locate your iPhone, which can appear as the name you gave it, by way of example “My Phone.” Step 5: Open iPhone settings page. Click on your phone’s name, for instance “My Phone” and observe that the screen is actually displaying information about your iPhone, for example version number and serial number. After you do it, you will know how to reset your iPhone backup password. Step 6: Reset iPhone password. Locate the “Options” section inside the iPhone setting page. It will likely be within the lower the main page. Select “Change password” plus a change password dialog will pop-up. Type in the old password and then go into the new password. Realize that the “change password” button has become available and click thereon to reset your iPhone backup password. Password is actually reset. Congratulations! You could have learned the best way to reset your iPhone backup password. For the best higher level of protection, reset your password every 3 months. Don’t share your password online websites. Should you mention it in error, promptly reset your iPhone backup password. If the above can’t help you for that you have forgotten iPhone backup password, you have to refer to pro tool “iPhone Backup Password Recovery”. Do as the following steps: The first step: Get tool “iPhone Backup Password Recovery” from site passwordsrecovery. com/product/iphone -backup-unlocker.h tm , set it up and run it. It will show you import your saved iPhone backup password file. The second step: Choose your right Attack Type and do the particular settings Totally, you will find 3 modes to pick out: Brute-force Attack (try all possible character combinations), Brute-force with Mask Attack (Knowing some symbols in the password) and Dictionary Attack (one’s own dictionary or use import default dictionary) The third step: Begin to change iPhone backup password encryption After choose your suitable attack mode, afterward you cost minimum time for you to find password and have lost data in your phone!  Source: http://www.iphone- /how-to-reset-your -iphone-encrypted- ml Read video on How to reset iPhone backup password: FeXLe81FQ  (Jan 21, 2013 | post #1)