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Mar 31, 2011


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Point Pleasant, WV

Antagonist Atheists

I'm the type of person where I could care less if someone else believes or doesn't, because I look at it this way: Be it atheist, Buddhist, Scientologist, whatever, when you do good, you do good in the name of God, because God is good. Even if you don't believe, you still score a point for God. When you do evil, you do evil in the name of Satan, because Satan is evil. Even if you worship Satan, and you save a child from a burning building simply because it was the right thing to do, then that good deed is recognized by God, even if you dedicate the deed to the devil. So therefore, in my eyes, it all boils down to good or evil, not christian over atheist. That said, I feel the reason people bash Christians is because Christianity has so many followers in the US, and christian or not, they're still capable of evil and wrongdoing, and so many are so hypocritical. One will claim to be holy and in the same breath judge their neighbor. To me, that's evil, so just because a person says they're a christian doesn't mean they're not evil. Some can say they're doing a deed in the name of God, but if it hurts another, then... I do relate my belief to Christianity, but I don't readily identify myself as a christian. I have no basic faith, I just believe in good vs evil, and if God is good, then you can say I believe in God because I believe in the good inside of people. I haven't, and never will give up faith that good lies within every person walking the planet.  (Aug 21, 2013 | post #21)

Point Pleasant, WV

New Businesses

Anything that can give the kids something constructive/produ ctive to do. This town has nothing for kids/teens to do, and that's pretty bad. If it could be made possible, open some type of after school functions similar to the boys and girls clubs of america. Something like that. Could charge an annual membership fee for upkeep, maybe even find outside funding. It would be nice to see if it could happen. Outside of that, I don't know, haven't put much thought into it. We have plenty of pizza shops, banks, gambling halls, smoke shops, and churches, so... something innovative that would survive long enough to be successful, something wholesome to the community for once.  (Aug 20, 2013 | post #2)

Point Pleasant, WV

Pot smokers

I somewhat agree with you, but it's just like I said when I said junkies can be pot smokers, but not all pot smokers are junkies. Trade the word "junkies " for whatever you want, I just used it as a general term. I'll be the first to admit I just like to smoke my bud in peace, the same as the next person enjoys alcohol, which is definitely more harmful and mind altering. That's why I never gave a reason, because my reason is simple. I don't have cancer, I don't have cataracts, pain, or whatever else, I just like to smoke. That said, it still doesn't make other reasons BS. It's highly demonized when tobacco kills tens of thousands more yearly. I have a friend I smoke with who is going through medical troubles, and he never smoked before, he just simply can't eat nor relax because of his treatments and medications. Now, he's not losing his weight nearly as fast, and to me, seems to actually be gaining it back, and he's become far more social again than when he was when his problems started. Aside from that, nobody I smoke with on a regular are violent people, and violent people I know become much more calm and accepting after they've smoked. I don't make friends of violent people, but I've been around many, and have smoked with many, and I know first hand that it does help keep people calm. I don't know what happened at that rally, but you can't outright blame pot. 80,000 people and 1 of them didn't have an enemy? All I know is, whenever I smoke with my friends, the only thing that happens are good ideas.  (Aug 15, 2013 | post #22)

Point Pleasant, WV

Pot smokers

Ok, who get's inebriated on pot? Most pot smokers are responsible people, not junkies, and please don't believe the TV ads. A lot of junkies smoke pot, but that doesn't mean all pot smokers are junkies. I admit you can get pretty stoned, but 90% of those who get that stoned don't want to go out while they're that high anyway. Some will, but most don't. You don't get the nods, you don't pass out, you don't get blurred vision, you don't go cross-eyed, or whatever you must be thinking happens. I never drive under the influence, even on advil. Can't speak for others, but my father smokes all the time, and he's more alert and more responsive smoking pot than he is without it. To this day, he hasn't had 1 single wreck. He's 46 and has been driving since 12. Not one single wreck, and he's almost always got a joint. Pilots and others of the sort who are in charge of that many lives take tox tests, so you have more to worry about in a sober one than you would out of one who smokes (which is very highly unlikely). As far as a cop smoking... it happens, and if you meant the cop comes to pull YOU (the smoker) over, then you shouldn't have been smoking in public anyway. It is illegal after all. Personally, I would worry more about a sleepy driver than a driver high on pot. I'm not saying be FOR pot, but be educated about it before you make these types of comments or come up with these hypothetical situations about it. That's just the most well known site for information, there are soooo many other places to get information.  (Aug 15, 2013 | post #20)

Point Pleasant, WV

Why are there so many nurses that are unemployed on food ...

PVH had layoffs. Not sure on what all departments, but...  (Aug 14, 2013 | post #4)

Point Pleasant, WV

Pot smokers hUqo9Aivs  (Aug 14, 2013 | post #16)

Point Pleasant, WV

new ppl in our area

dark people? lol They came in on a river boat from my understanding, and were hitting the smoke shops and food stores before going back out.  (Aug 14, 2013 | post #2)

Point Pleasant, WV


I only glanced at the home page, didn't see anywhere to compare anything, so I don't know what the website shows, but as far as the hospital, I've had nothing but bad experiences there. I could go on and on about it, but my most recent was an ER visit about a fractured bone in my foot. PVH told me that I had only sprained it after taking a few X-Rays (if you could have seen how swollen my foot was) and that I just needed to stay off of it. I go to Holzer and they take X-Rays, but was able to show me where the fracture was, and it was clearly fractured. So, I ended up with about 1K in bills from PVH for a bad diagnosis once again. And the bad diagnosis isn't even what had me upset, it was the fact that they kept talking to me and looking at me like I was just there trying to get pills. I literally told the nurse at PVH that I didn't want any medication, I just wanted to make sure my foot was ok because I could deal with the pain, but a broken bone needs to be set, and still they didn't take me seriously. That's why I talk bad about PVH.  (Aug 6, 2013 | post #2)

Point Pleasant, WV


They're not homeless, they live in the sewers. Besides, who else is going to fight the foot clan?  (Jul 26, 2013 | post #2)

Point Pleasant, WV

movie quotes!!

"100,000 sperm and... you were the fastest?" Steve Le Marquand  (Jun 15, 2013 | post #47)

Point Pleasant, WV

Welfare pays more than picking cotton

Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 % Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 % Nobody owes you nothing either, now get to work, chump.  (Jun 14, 2013 | post #4)

Point Pleasant, WV

losing to many people to Herion

I don't think they're talking about the grade of the drug, they're referring to the drug itself. Why does the grade of it make any difference to the problem? it IS indeed terrible, and some of these "Junkies " were once beautiful people. It's perfectly fine, expected even, to dislike drug addicts, but that's not a reason to "thumbs up" their death or downfall, alive or not. Instead, we could find a way to improve the situation. This tiny town has the ability to do it, but nobody will. I don't believe that everyone can be helped, or deserves to be helped, but I would try, and would give it my all with anyone I felt could be helped. We need to remember that all bad people can be junkies, but all junkies are not bad people. Everyone makes mistakes.  (Jun 13, 2013 | post #5)

Point Pleasant, WV

My hard on

Gotta bend over forward or the pee won't come out.  (Jun 4, 2013 | post #3)

Point Pleasant, WV


Wow, maybe they need information about themselves or a close friend/family member... Anyway, the closest I could find is http://publicrecor ds.onlinesearches. com/WV_Mason.htm  (May 29, 2013 | post #3)

Point Pleasant, WV


It all depends. On the surface, I would say no, there's no problem with that. Hell, I never had a problem falling out in the same bed as my dad sometimes. Sometimes we would be watching a movie, and fall asleep. but then again, he had this huge california king, and it was comfy as hell with plenty of room lol. On the other hand, if they can't seem to go to sleep without one another, to the point of dependency, then it can cause a sleeping problem, maybe no problem beyond that though. I hope at 9, that my son will be comfortable with falling asleep in the same bed as me. If he doesn't want to, so be it, but if he climbs into my bed, it wouldn't bother me one bit. And sometimes as a parent, you just feel sentimental. There's been times where one of my kids fell asleep on the couch, and just because I find it that precious, I will lay down with them. If that's a problem, then too bad...  (Apr 29, 2013 | post #5)

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