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Jun 1, 2008

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Actress vows to leave U.S. if McCain wins election

having visions of "Thelma & Louise, Susan?  (Jun 1, 2008 | post #454)

Cranbury, NJ

Monroe...They Paved Paradise and put Up a Parking Lot

Monroe Township...hmmm... the land of banks, CVS, RITE-AID.... I know of one grocery store in the Concordia Shopping Center. Problem is when you return to your car it will be dented! I wonder how many fender benders there are in that parking lot daily ... hmmm....perhaps the grocery store(s) should start delivering as well as the drug stores. We already have online banking so that's solved... Perhaps! People should consider their limitations and hand in their driver licenses if they cannot pass a written and active driver's test. If I'm just an average "joe," and keep getting my car getting rammed into, I dare not report it to my wonderful insurance company. Do any of us in this area? We're penalized and the hit-and-run fenderite is wrecking havoc either somewhere else in Monroe or South Florida!  (Jun 1, 2008 | post #1)

Russian gays defy ban, more arrests at Moscow protests

Just wait until the Bolshoi starts there next season! Maybe if all of the gay standouts of the Bolshoi who may have been arrested because of celebrating PRIDE in Moscow are released on a "rehearsal release program," they'll learn their lesson! lol So nice to know that democracy is still flourishing in Russia. Personally, I'd rather live in Czechoslavakia.  (Jun 1, 2008 | post #1)

June and another year of PRIDE!

As every June since the Stonewall riots in New York City, this is the month to celebrate Gay Pride. Now don't get me wrong, but is it politically incorrect to celebrate it 365 days a year (leave those 4 year leap year gaps). Don't call me stoggy by any means! I love the glitz and glamour as much as everyone else...but there's a greater PRIDE...a communal PRIDE...when we reach communal PRIDE, doesn't bigotry leave, or am I simply confused?  (Jun 1, 2008 | post #1)

Actress vows to leave U.S. if McCain wins election

Susan? In the event you decide to move if McCain wins, would you consider sharing your New York City loft with me, gratis? I'd love to go to Europe with you and the rest of the Sarandonites, but I think I'll stay here and lobby to get rid of our out-of-date currency system and switch over to the EURO! <G  (Jun 1, 2008 | post #417)