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Dec 10, 2011

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Seattle, WA

The bums of Seattle are the most aggressive I've seen...

I recently visited downtown Seattle for three days on a business trip. I'm from Central Kentucky which is largely rural--I am admittedly daunted by urban locales...I'm just not used to it. But I do have one gripe about your fair city. The bums...I couldn't walk through downtown without being accosted by some bum giving me a sob story about a stolen computer and a sister who needed money to make the fair for the ferry. Some bums would follow me for two or three blocks. I'm a small-town country boy, uneasy with being approached by total strangers. I guess what I'm wondering is this--how do you guys get used to it? How do you deal with it on a daily basis? Do you ignore? Do you respond, "Get out of my face, bum!"? Do you give money? Would love to hear some insight on this matter. To be honest, the bums kept me from walking around the city. :-/  (Dec 10, 2011 | post #1)

Harrodsburg, KY

Drinking Age - Harrodsburg, KY

AND LEGALIZE EVERYTHING WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. Alcohol has been a scourge that has plagued man for thousands of years--if you're going to make that available, make it all!  (Dec 10, 2011 | post #7)

Harrodsburg, KY

Watching Harrodsburg Tankers on KET

Their story is pretty damn amazing. I recall reading in one recorded interview the boys were discussing the nature of the relationship between the officers and enlisted. It didn't really work like regular military because of the tight homegrown bonds these guys had with each other. There was a high school class a couple of years back that did a project about them (can't rightly recall but if I recall correctly it was in Indiana or Ohio) and they offered a publication free for download about their research. I'll look around for it on the net and leave a link for it--it's great fun to read!  (Dec 10, 2011 | post #2)

Harrodsburg, KY

"Masterminds" (1997)

Did ever watch the 1997 film "Masterminds? " Pretty good, especially if you make-believe Picard's in the holodeck acting out the role of the villainous Mr. Bentley.  (Dec 10, 2011 | post #1)