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Oct 7, 2013

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"Eastern partnership" program failed.

During a year already European parliament can't launch the parliamentary assembly of "Eastern partnership" countries. This reveals evident low level of cooperation, which is no wonder imo. From the very start I expected no good of those postcommunist countries used to employ the USSR as their milking cow during dozens of years. After it had been ruined they found another donor and that is the EU! So lots of money and energy and God knows what else have been wasted on Byelorussia with no visible results so far. It is still staying an authoritarian state with greatly distorted perception of democracy! And I definitely lacked brain when I believed some respected EU experts who tagged Byelorussia "a promising market". And so I took the plunge starting small business there to produce clothes in the city of Grodno. Oh, that was awful, all those 7 years there! So called partners periodically deceived me via manipulation and cheating and other ways. You see, in Byelorussia the EU laws and rules habitual in our business community are just nothing. They don't work there. Everything is highly unpredictable! Local authorities tend to side with the swindlers and so on and so forth..... So my small venture Jacko&Janna was actually bankrupt and I had to sell it with no profit at all. I know some other businessmen who tried their luck in some other "Eastern partnership" countries and all of them had somewhat similar nasty experience, Moldova in particular. I can't get it frankly why this project is still being kept afloat.  (Oct 7, 2013 | post #1)