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Mar 11, 2013

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Electronic Cigarettes - Are They Safe? Will theyh help y...

What expert opinions are there on the merits of electronic cigarette smoking versus smoking traditional tobacco products? I have started a website that I feel gives honest reviews about the safety and availability of electronic cigarettes. What is your professional opinion on this? I really think that they can make an impact health wise, but not on the nicotine addiction end at least initially. My son has just started to use these products, and some health issues such as high blood pressure were immediately lessened. He feels much healthier and can finally breathe again! Since cigarette smoking is related to stressful situations such as health or job issues, quitting may be very hard to accomplish. If one cannot quit smoking, at least Electronic Cigarettes appear to offer a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products that build up tar and cholesterol in the lungs and do great physical damage. The electronic cigarettes can even be modified so that the nicotine dose is lowered over time. If you care to see what I have written about these cigarettes, you can visit my site at: http://electronic-  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #1)