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Nov 6, 2012

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NBC29 Charlottesville

Saving Monticello High School's ROTC Program - NBC29 WVIR...

I have come to the conclusion that you are either a forgotten maltreated child or an uneducated product of society. I will ignore all future post by you because you are not worth the time or effort. GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!! By the way, it is spelled Defense. IDIOT  (Nov 7, 2012 | post #20)

NBC29 Charlottesville

Saving Monticello High School's ROTC Program - NBC29 WVIR...

Many of today’s youth find themselves without any direction in life. With that said they either lack parental /guardian support or a lack of drive to become a productive citizen. They have many opportunities whether it is college bound for a career, blue-collar/white- collar jobs, trade skills or a career in the military. The Air Force JROTC program at Monticello H.S. offers today’s youth the opportunity to learn responsibility, character, leadership/followe rship, decision making, team-building, morals, community service and other skills to prepare them for life. JROTC also provides scholarships, resume writing seminars and mock job interviews conducted by local business owners. The JROTC mission is to: "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community”. At no point in JROTC is there a commitment to join the military and the instructors are not recruiters for the military. The cadets are taught the Air Force Core Values: Integrity First, Service before Self and Excellence in All We Do. This program exists to give our youth self-confidence and prepare them for their future. So, before you bash a bunch of 14-18 year old kids you should educate yourself about programs that exist to improve the youth of America. JROTC does not exist to “send your babies to war”. Most people that live in the People’s Republic of Liberal Charlottesville can’t think outside the Rotunda! If this hurts your feelings it must be true. Virginia was built by men and women that escaped tyranny so they could build a better life for their families and the generations that came after them. Give this program a chance for the youth of the great United States of America.  (Nov 6, 2012 | post #18)