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Feb 17, 2013

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Q & A with Prayer Brings Peace


Jackson, TN



Local Favorites:

Not much to do in Lexington but eat or shop! LOL!

I Belong To:

The church regularly.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I surf the internet, read, crochet, spend time with family and friends, and just 'normal run of the mill stuff'

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I like feedback. :-)

I'm Listening To:

All types of music

Read This Book:

Heaven Is For Real, The Shack

Favorite Things:

My children, good books, making people laugh, and my computer!

On My Mind:

Lots of stuff, but most of it is thinking of ways that I can Glorify my Lord.

I Believe In:

God, Good morals/manners,honesty,respect loyalty and doing what I can to help others through this thing we call life. I truly believe that if we have been through something, it will enable you to help the next person who has to endure whatever that burden was. My favorite quote: When you point the finger of blame, you always have three fingers pointing back at you.