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Nov 12, 2009

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Columbus Dispatch

Women in labor can have food, studies say | The Columbus ...

wow, I'll be able to sleep tonight  (Jan 20, 2010 | post #6)

Columbus Dispatch

Domino's boldly admits its pizza was awful | The Columbus...

YES to Martinos  (Jan 12, 2010 | post #13)


Mother: 8-Year-Old Son's Drunken New Year Was Accident | ...

I like the headline....I certainly hope it was an accident  (Jan 6, 2010 | post #88)


Bengals' Receiver Chris Henry Dies | WBNS-10TV, Central O...

I agree, he will be missed.  (Dec 17, 2009 | post #11)

Columbus Dispatch

Woman accused of drunken ride in Christmas parade | The C...

with all the crap in the world, ya gotta have some fun. Go have your kiddie cocktail now  (Dec 10, 2009 | post #13)

Columbus Dispatch

To protect marriage, why not ban divorce? | The Columbus ...

I would rather ban marraige  (Dec 1, 2009 | post #18)

Columbus Dispatch

Busted: Desperate wife claimed cancer to get money for br...

wow,the things people do these days  (Nov 16, 2009 | post #11)


Chiller Ice Rink Evacuated After Explosion, Fire | WBNS-1...

why do they take such lame pictures? No one really wants to see 9 pics of the firetruck and the electrical truck  (Nov 12, 2009 | post #2)

Columbus Dispatch

Facebook message frees New York robbery suspect | The Col...

young love, so cute  (Nov 12, 2009 | post #1)

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