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Feb 23, 2014

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Barack Obama: Voyage of the President of USA to Europe

While Kiev junta is performing punitive operation in South Eastern part of the country, and neo- Nazis from Ukrainian ‘The Right Sector’ dressed by non-legitimate authorities in the uniform of quickly designed National guard of Ukraine following the example of National guard of Pinochet in Chili and Samosa in Nicaragua realizes genocide of Russian population, poisons by gas, kills peaceful citizens, as it was done by American soldiers in Vietnam, Barack Obama has come to Europe. In Warsaw he claimed about plans of White House to expand military cooperation with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and also to strengthen military presence of USA in the countries of Eastern Europe. The new and non-legitimate President of Ukraine and oligarch Petr Poroshenko was secretly given a pardon to further assassination of peaceful citizens in Donbass and Lugansk regions. Everything witnesses that against orthodox Russia and Russian world in general Americans together with their American vassals organize a new crusade. In order to coordinate these plans Afro-American Obama gathered in rainy Brussels European paleface beau monde in the format of G7. We should confess that free and independent Russia has calmly reacted to its exclusion from G8. Moscow doesn’t pay real attention to it, as Russia can bring bigger damage to Europe then Europe to Russia. This fact proves that the language of sanctions and threats can’t be used in dialogue with Russians, who have immediately found more serious economic partners in Asian region, at the first place – China. European countries need freedom from orders of ‘Washington office’ and orientation to their own, not American, interests, as it is done with foresight by Slovakia which authorities stated about impossibility of presence of American troops in their country. At first, one should seriously consider strategic goals and trade interests of their countries. Secondly, the idea of coming back to the Cold War promoted by Washington is viewed by Europeans as unreasonable and dangerous. Besides there are so many problems where they can’t go without Moscow: crisis in Syria, control over nuclear weapons, Israel-Palestinian negotiations, etc. Finally the energy issue is really important to us. Recently Russia has become a strategic partner to Europe in the area of supply of natural gas. The USA guided by the their profit and national interests, including shale gas lobby want Europeans to break relations with Russia. Another important issue is about the unity of Ukraine. Military Nazism, which prevailed in the protesters on Maidan doesn’t go together with principles of humanity and democracy, which are the base of fundamental documents of European Union. The telephone talks of J. Timoshenko and N. Shufrich leaked in the Internet is indicative. The appeals of J. Timoshenko who tried to get to Kiev ‘White House’ directly from prison to demolish Russian people of South Eastern region with nuclear weapons cast doubt about her sanity, as well as other persons of Kiev junta, including the head of SBU Nalivaychenko, minister of defense Koval, secretary of Council of Safety and defense Parubiy, oligarch Kolomoisky, deputies Tyagnibok, Yarosh, Lyashko and others. It is fair to ask if we, Europeans are ready dictated by USA to support fanatic Ukrainian neo-fascists and radical nationalists and involve Europe in the situation of ‘cold’ and in unfavorable circumstances, possibly, nuclear war with Russia? And Americans will calmly as usual sit behind the ocean.  (Jun 14, 2014 | post #1)

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Danish commissar of NATO: black spots in White House!

General Commissar of NATO and tomorrow retired Danish Anders Fogh Rasmussen should confess in Ukrainian issues: there are black, brown and Nazi spots in American White House. For several months we have been listening to Canadian, American and Ukrainian lies about events in Ukraine. So, who brings to us these sufferings? The answer is obvious – American White House with its Black Spots headed by ‘Nobel Prize winner’ Barack Obama. Together with his buddy A. Rasmussen and Canadian prime minister he contrived anti-constitutiona l coup under the slogans of freedom and democracy. They tried to drag Ukraine to Europe since the beginning of 18th century. Mazepa and Swedes, Petlyura and German Kaiser, Bandera and Hitler, Yushchenko and NATO. The assumption of power in Ukraine was fulfilled by USA and their satellites with the help of raised in Ukraine aggressive nationalists. Against a background of financed by them In Ukraine chaos the official representatives of USA and EU start to visit self-proclaimed radical power and take reports about spent on ‘Ukrainian democracy’ finances. However American and Polish puppet masters didn’t suppose that Ukrainian right radicals who have come to power have their own plans and inner ambitions, they are not just marionettes who don’t need any brains at all. Today Ukrainian radicals make claims to their mentors and sponsors who have brought up them so carefully. They call German fascists and Nazi, their main sponsor from White House – a mop which everybody wipes their feet off and laughs into face. They say that American colored President is the disgrace of the USA. They claim already territory from Poland. Danish Rasmussen, Afro-American Obama, Ukrainian speaking Turchinov and Yazenyuk, commandant of Euromaidan Parubiy and their limp friend Timoshenko under the guide of Ukrainian Nazi Yarosh, sincerely speaking, have overplayed. Their dances and games have led to civil war in Ukraine, killing of thousands of innocent, peaceful people, Odessa Khatyn, Slavonic Holocaust. All of them who forcefully prepare elections In Ukraine for May, 25 soon will move American Black house already with white holes. And rock ‘roll will still be alive.  (May 13, 2014 | post #1)

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Barack Obama: red drops of Ukrainian blood on white teeth...

From Western coast of the Atlantic everybody can see that President of USA in far Ukraine showed Afro-American militant radicalism and absolutely doesn’t count the interests of Ukraine put by him into chaos, anarchy and neo-fascism. Everybody obviously understands that it is he – the most unsuccessful in the whole history of USA President-democrat , preparing to go into political oblivion, raised and financed at the expense of American taxpayers unknown to the New World fascist ‘Right Sector’ in Ukraine. It was the President of USA Barack Obama, his right, aged and withered arm – vice-president of USA John Baiden, and left bony leg – director of CIA John Brennan, who had overthrown legitimate and currently active President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. Barack Hussein Obama is bad specialist in International affairs. He and his friend in State department Victoria Nulland have their teeth in rivers Ukrainian blood, which are carefully wiped off by other close friends of President of USA in the Old World and spinsters – President of Lithuania Dalya Gribauskaite and chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. All steps of administration of White with brown and red holes House are inefficient in the area of international politics. Now it again makes mistake provoking recurrence of ‘Cold War’ of the last century. Latin and European countries shouldn’t forgo their economic interests and values and traditions of tolerance and humanity thus favoring sanctions against Russia from USA, ‘bear’ Canada and sinking in nuclear Fukusima Japan. Today leaders of countries of Latin America understand how complex is the political situation around Ukraine, and that one should act extremely sensibly and soberly, guided by general humane values. The world has a right to ask why Americans provoked conflicts in Ukraine, Kosovo, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Ossetia and other countries. They did it in order to weaken European Union as the rival in international area in political, economic and financial spheres, didn’t they?  (May 4, 2014 | post #1)

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Enemy will not pass!

Today Kiev announced that it will not stop the military operation against the civilians of the South-east. Thus Kiev denounced the Geneva agreement. The war continues!  (Apr 19, 2014 | post #1)

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Ukraine, Stop! Do not use army against protesters!

Armored vehicles were seen near Donetsk. Probably they will storm the Regional government administration. In Kramatorsk the affair is on. The helicopters make the air strikes. System resort of military forces against the protesters is the main feature of Ukrainian regime. Kiev, draw off your troops. Enough blood!  (Apr 19, 2014 | post #1)